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so shit = Mihawk

Why you do them like that i thought you like em marimo tutor

U killed them with this post ngl:suresure:
1054 spoilers:

- Cobra died
- Sabo was charged with second degree murder and has appeared alongside Vivi at Wano
- Aramaki reveals that Shanks can no diff every Admiral except for Kizaru
- Urouge has stolen Pluton in the 2 year timeskip, current location remains unknown
Realistic tbh
And I'd like it
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Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
I don't understand what Oda is doing there.with Sanji's character. .. He calls and has characters call Sanji the "kindest strawhat" but in these scenes he's straight up mean.
My impression was that he's the kindest if the person is actually hungry
The fella is ruthless for the most part otherwise
Though he can be the most thoughtful straw hat imo
Since he does the Mr. Prince stuff in the background a lot
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