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I mean we might as well reveal what we know at this point.

1055 title: "Convergence"
- Shichibukai updates: Boa arrested, Mihawk joined Buggy, Weevil got away from Kizaru
- Aramaki vs. scabbards ongoing, Momo uses Bolo Breath
- Yamato transforms but Momo stops her from interfering
- We see Luffy partying with Kidd, Law in Gear 5 form
- Vivi is shown with Sabo and Kuma
- chapter ends with Blackbeard approaching Wano
no break next week
Not good for Admiral fans.
I do troll alot at times but I don't want to believe that he would be done that terribly
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The most logical list based on portrayal and feats.

Even in gear 5 Luffy didn't cleanly clear kaido who was weakened and was stated to be so numerous times.

Bigmom didn't show that she can defeat a full powered admiral. Have no clue how she beats fujitora. But regardless I should give her the benefit of the doubt

Zoro also has advanced coc that automatically places him up there.

Same with Yamato.
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