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No reaction? I thought so lol.

PS: Stealing gifs from MonsterKaido is beneath even you Sera lol. Try to do better.
Momo wants to be a warrior though. That's why he was training with Zoro. Besides he isn't going to beat GB by himself. He will take care of the plants with Bolo breath. If GB tries to get into CQC then the samurai handle him. That's when he will retreat because he won't be able to overpower them with AoE or CQC.

I also stole that gif from Extravlad. I was using it ironically.

Elder Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
1054= 2 admirals were not able to stop few revo.
1055= GB got beaten by 8 year old
if these are not L then i dont know what is
I love how you are inventing events in 1055 when we don’t have spoilers yet lol. But anyway:

1053: Green Bull neg diffs two stronger characters than Kaido has ever defeated in screen

1053: Green Bill shows no fear of the alliance that killed two Yonko and is even eager to fight them

1054: Green Bull tanks an AdCoC strike to the face with zero injury while Kaido consistently bled from AdCoC strikes

1054: Green Bull tanks Momo’s bite easily, which made Kaido scream in pain like a bitch

1054: Green Bull wrapped Momo up easily while Kaido couldn’t even land a hit on Momo

GreennBull has consistently humiliated Kaido and Big Mom both, and I doubt that trend ends in 1055. Lol
It's hilarious seeing these people take about narrative when the whole narrative is that Momo isn't a good warrior
Momo's story has never been about becoming physically strong. Dunno why people are still expecting that at point. It's literally been spelt out by the narrator that it isn't going to happen and that Momo becomes a great shogun through his compassion and dedication instead of strength, which he lacks.

His character arc reflects Wano itself. Both isolate themselves but learn that ultimately they're much better off by opening up and asking for help from others. It's one of the very first things we see about Momo's character.
Yamao's gonna help him with GB. Ice > Plants. Plus it's about time the scabbards saw her Guardian of Wano mutt form.
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