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I hope you don't take that comment seriously. There's no government i despise more than ours. We're the Gold medallists in kissing ass, absolutely fucking pathetic.

I thought it can't get worse than Merkel but now i miss Mutti
Omg guys chill out a little bit..
Some things are way too serious to be discussed in fast reading and even faster answering way.
Where are those guys that were talking about feet some time ago
Those conversations are way better......
See, if you all would just stick to your daily wanks you couldn't get riled up over anything especially politics
This thread lost all its sanity when Kinyagi got banned. His massive CoC was the only thing keeping us under control/s

"Don't you get it? It was Kinyagi's presence... that kept me from coming here!"

If only we had all just wanked the Admirals, we wouldn't be here. Only through universal Admiral wank can we have true peace in Ba Sing Se.
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