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If Carrot doesn’t join we will get Cover Pages of her becoming Queen
Uta fighting 2 Yonko + 2 Admirals :snoopy:
ZKK didn’t happen after decade of narrative foreshadowing
Red haired pirates coming for no reason none at all
An Admiral screaming all that shit about slaughtering the island of ppl then running with his tail tucked after seeing Shanks
This whole month of chapters and OP content have been all over the place levels of Peak Ass

CoC: Color of Clowns

Makin' Bacon Pancakes
Bro the whole Ryuma-Luffy stuff was the first time in my 2 years with Worst Gen I felt true depression, not even ZKK not happening make me that sad. :pepecry:
Can't help that the info got revealed at 2am my time. :pepemotion:
Don't worry, people misinterpreted the FUCK out of that for powerscaling BS.

The point of that panel was to show that Ryuma was as famous and respected as Joy Boy.
Joy Boy is obviously Luffy, and Zoro is OBVIOUSLY representing Ryuma, a Samurai, here.
It's meant to show that Zoro is going to have a legend similar to Ryuma

This is also Oda hinting that Joy Boy and Ryuma were bros. That Giant Sword in Onigashima? That giant hat in Mary Geoise? Those were Joy Boy's. Joy Boy, the Oni, was given a giant sword by his best bro, Ryuma. Ryuma was famous for defending Wano's border, they most likely met when Joy Boy approached Wano, and fought.

Why all the parallels? Zoro is Ryuma's son, lost in time, sent to the future to save Wano. Toki MVP.
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