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Oh don't worry, I don't mean recently, in older older times.

Our leaders were too stupid unfortunately and sold out.

WW1, WW2 is just an example of what happens to a country who is sold out by its leaders.
Even in older times that never happened. You guys once reached Moscow because their king was dead and there was a civil war for the throne, but the Russians still kicked your asses. Your biggest enemy is Germany, but poles for some reason always look east instead of west.
oh yh btw: red correction:
A little while ago, I asked Mr. sandman_AP about the correctness of the information mentioned in volume 4 billion that Yasop can see the future and surpass Katakuri in the length of time. He said this was not mentioned in the volume 4 billion and denied it So the information in volume 4 billion is wrong and incorrect

Gorosei Informer

I feel it’s very likely they’ll surpass luffys post WCI bounty
Yeah thats exactly what I expected tbh.

maybe they didn't know than sanji defeated him (he was invisible) and zoro have big bounty because he cut kaido. Luffy had 1.5 billion because he "injured" BM
That is the issue too, Oda could use reasons like that to downplay Sanjis bounty potentially. That makes sense with Zoro and Luffy too.

I know Zoro is gonna get a huge bounty increase by far for sure, to parallel Luffy getting 3 Bil now too and being a Yonko officially now.
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