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Idc about Yamato but feel bad for her
I really hope 1058 will be GODLIKE CHAPTER

P.S. 1057 was last chapter before ODA took a break(long one)
Don't feel bad for her. Why? I always believed the nakam thing was stupid enough because not a single strawhat wanted to sail with Luffy in the first place. They had to go over an arc to realise. I celebrate the character had a change of mind and REALISED THAT FREEDOM CAN COME IN WHATEVER FORM YOU LIKE AS LONG AS IT'S SOMETHING YOU CHOOSE. Freedom doesnt necessarily have to be with Luffy, as she thought on the first place. So kudos for Yamato. You should feel sorry for her fans: Oda dragged the thing for too much and crossed several lines pointing at her nakamization instead of remain ambiguous and Shueisha and Toei took advantage of that to practically lie to her fans and sell as much towels as they could.

CoC: Color of Clowns

We Shall Sail On Every Light Wave
Bounties are in the chapter

Sanji and Zoro have bounties higher than King and Queen
Yamato and Momo have controversially large bounties
Yamato has the same bounty as Oden
Chopper finally has a decent bounty
Robin's bounty is much larger
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