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@Doggo you still believe Lafitte vs sanji:neesama:
I believe Avalo Pizarro vs Sanji
Bounties are in the chapter

Sanji and Zoro have bounties higher than King and Queen
Yamato and Momo have controversially large bounties
Yamato has the same bounty as Oden
Chopper finally has a decent bounty
Robin's bounty is much larger
Oden's bounty is probably higher than current Zoro's bounty. No fucking way Yamato has higher bounty than Zoro, even higher than Sanji is unlikely
Usopp wanted to be captain. Brook couldn't because he had no shadow, and deep down he never took Luffy's offer seriously, as he thought he was doomed to be alone. And Robin... don't get me start with Robin. She wasn't joining in the first place at the end of Alabasta (she was from a story perspective) but the character, in her head, never fully commited with the crew up til she screamed she wanted to live).
Being a gag doesnt change the fact he wanted
Him declining because he couldn't leave doesnt change the fact he wanted to join straight away
Also doesnt change the fact that she did want to join with no refusal to acceptance arc
It's a gag. Usopp literally end the arc about to go on his seperate way before Luffy told him to come on board
Brook did not trust/have enough faith in the straw hats to tell them about Moria
Robin wanted to die before joining Luffy
My point is all straw hats went through a change in a way or another before joining.
Yamato is the exact same as when she was introdued.

Even Luffy went through a bigger character arc the first chapter of the series by going from wanting to join Shanks crew to building a crew better than his
And Oda agrees with me since Lamato isn't joining :cheers:
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