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See below.
I never, EVER said he was evil though lmao

Him being against Luffy for his own purpose as a competitor for One Piece, does not mean he's evil. I 100% believe he will be against the WG as well. Same as Blackbeard. Same as the Revo's. They all have their own aligned goals.

In Vol 4 Billion, Oda already alluded to Shanks having his own goals about the new era. Whether or not this aligns with Luffy is the real question. Ofc he's against the Marines. The question is, how deep does it go with the Gorosei too, even if he is against them?
Lol Oda…
Q:so whose side is Shanks on really?
Oda: please watch the movie for the answer
And it's funny, because it doesn't really answer the ultimate question. We know he's against Marines. We know he's "good". The question is really if he 100% aligns with Luffy's own goals.

The Gorosei conversation will always still be suspect, even if he's not a bad person specifically.
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