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Nah I’m not. I didn’t say antagonist but Out and Out Villain theories have definitely died.

There’s no way he can fully be a 100% Evil character when Oda goes out of his way in Film Red to show once again how Villainous the Marines are.

Im not saying he won’t be an antagonist though
Oh my bad then, I agree. I never thought Shanks would pull a Kanjuro lol, it would have entirely destroyed his characterization the last 20 years.

Imo, antagonism can be as simple has being a friendly competitor (though I think it goes deeper than this considering his past with God Valley now, Roger's death and potential connections to a WG family).

Personally, Luffy and his reunion will be bittersweet, but his role will be commendable, not directly an evil person.

I truly don't know what Oda's plan is for the character, that's for sure.


Lower than trash
Idk but I once heard there's this syndrome that make you allergic and scared of Camera and or pictures in general.
Maybe Oda got one or maybe it's just not that deep
Ofc, when Camera was invented there was massive pushback against it because of people's fear
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