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Lol now that I think about it, Oda must hate Yamato fans.

All of these chapters teasing her joining more and more and at the last moment FUCK YOU
It's so cruel. It's almost like Oda saw the cancer Yamatrash stans were causing and decided to humble them real quick.

Only other time I can remember an author being so ruthless was with NaruSaku shippers at the end of the 4GNW. To so plainly string them along knowing all the while they efforts are for naught. Can't help but holler :vistalaugh::vistalaugh::vistalaugh:
- No proper crew role, just another combatant is redundant
- "Dream" is a misfit with how deep we are in new world territory
- Travelling with the crew while everyone is oblivious to Luffy's dream when she isn't would be weird af
Forgot these points even.

She's a retarded character who happens to be powerful
If Oda removes the oden crap, she'd be interesting
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