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Carrot may not join the crew, but there's a better show for her anyway... :goyea:

I started watching Happy Tree Friends for the first time as I always avoided it due to the extreme gore/violence and I gotta say it did make me laugh, for fucked up reasons ofc, Flippy was my favourite too. I don't normally like stuff like this at all, I avoid it imemnsely but I never expected HTF to be so morbidly funny lol.

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What are you thinking for their bounties?
I have:
Buggy: 4,049,000,000 Berry (I think Buggy is the pirate Shanks talked to the Gorosei about, and that's why he became a Yonkou. His Bounty is just over Shank's)
Mihawk: 4,048,800,000 Berry (Just under Shanks)
Crocodile: 4,000,000,000 Berry (a bit under both, but I think Croc did something nasty to get himself back in the WG's bad graces).
Buggy: 4.1 bil
Mihawk: 2.5 :josad:

Crocodile: 1.47

Mihawk is yonko level but without a crew or territory there's no reason to give him that high of a bounty.
Oda's basically a strip tease with bounties. We just got the 3 captains bounty, and we'll hopefully soon get the crew bounties. And after that i'm guessing there'll be a moderately big gap of chapters. Bounties are one of the last ways Oda has to hype the series. So i don't see him releasing Cross Guild, New Yonko, Sabo and Revo, Cross Guild issued bounties etc soon.

or im completely wrong and oda dumps his bounty load in a single chapter :pepecopium:

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No fucking way they both crack 3Billion+
What if they infiltrated a certain underwater prison and destroyed it completely while freeing its worst criminal... a certain Heavenly Demon?

If Buggy, Mihawk, and Crocodile broke Doflamingo out of Impel Down... I think they'd get very large bounties.

Buggy had to do something CRAZY in order to become a Yonkou. Just as Blackbeard used Impel Down to become a Yonkou, so will Buggy. Who knows the layout of the prison? Who has escaped from it before? Crocodile and Buggy.
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