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CoC: Color of Clowns

No arms, nor legs. Four limbs, all blades.
Those last 4 are destroying me right now lmfaooooo!


BrokePink Mountain? Brokeboiled? Brook doesnt have a penis but he does have a boner! Yohohoho!

Yamato x Hiyori is hilarious in such a fucked up way. Is Yamato into women as much as Oden was? Is she lesbian or bisexual at least then? Is Momo gonna be attracted to her? Is she gonna tell Hiyori, "Yes Hiyori my daughter, call me Daddy!""
And I thought Sweet Home Alabasta with Cobra and Vivi was bad enough!

Carrot x Grass is too fucking funny too. She gonna fall for Green Bull then?!

Franky x Senor Pink is actually a cute ship, too. Two perverted middle-aged men building ships together by day and dancing, drinking, and weeping together at bars by night. Hard boiled as hell.

Respect for making the Brook boner joke, Skull Jokes are the best.

Yamato: "Momo... now, I'm both your father, and brother-in-law! We keep growing closer, huh?!?"
Momo: (faints)

I like Carrot a lot, but the grass memes get me. Perospero is such a dick with his insults, it's great.

Gorosei Informer

After Gear 5, I'm worried at how people are going to react to some of the fight scenes going forward. It's clear Oda wants Luffy to liberate by fighting with joy (hence Joy Boy), and having his ultimate ability make him goofy is going to piss a ton of people off.

If each fight ends with Luffy just being a giant troll and doing weird crap, sooooooooooo many people will lose their minds on the internet.

I know people don't want Luffy to get another power up so soon, but I hope he gets better at controlling Gear 5 so his fights aren't actual jokes, but just have comedic parts to them.
I really would hate to see Akainu get this threatment in some ways but at the same time, it would be hilariously catharthic too. But I want a serious fight for Akainu too. Same for Blackbeard too somewhat.

Oda really wants to turn this into Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Ed Edd Eddy and other absurd cartoons and rubberhose type cartoons especially too. The olden, golden era that was very creative, fluid, weird, energetic and such . Can't blame him for that but I am scared for how this will affect the fights in future.

Yeah, just like in the olden days of OP, where the fights were serious but they were still goofy/had a comedic side to them without it ruining the fights mostly at least and still having the emotional stakes/tone.
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