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@Peroroncino isnt a mod but @Doggo and @Playa4321 are for example.

If you want a new tag, you can buy temporary ones for $1 for 2 weeks or so. Or you can get VIP with a single donation of $5 at least I believe and have any appropriate custom tag added in to your choice. You can request someone to even design you one in the GFX thread and @Bogard will change your tag if you ask him, once your are VIP. If you do wanna donate, you can donate via card directly, Paypal or Patreon too.

Sadly there's no Buggy one in the temporary ones.
this information is more valuable than know if shanks or mihawk is stronger! <33 ty
Except all it takes for Madara to defend himself is a no hand sign, telepathic jutsu that expands his shield. It solely relies on his reaction time.

that’s all madara has to do and what he canonically does to defend himself. He was too slow to intercept the rest of Gai’s hits.
You didn't answer my question though, talked about another concept instead, which is forming the shield. The shield was already in use, used to successfully block Gai’s first punch.
Also forming objects with Gudo Dama takes time, it’s not instant.
Combine Kakuzu Kakashi case, with Madara reacting to attacks faster than the pin down punch, I think you already get the whole picture of what I’m saying.
While we're waiting for Redon to finish jerking off to all the Nintendo news, what are your guys' favorite cover stories?
Mine is the one with Wapol. Simple, charming, and endearing.
This one's really good. I also like Ace's, and Miss Goldenweek's. In general, I love the cover stories that make you care for characters you maybe weren't a big fan of before. Oda hasn't really done that lately in my opinion.
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