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The Walking Muscle, Plot-armor and Boobs Trio
ill never forgive or forget zoro fans thinking zoro was going to kill a fuking arc villian?! carrot becoming a c rew mate is more likely holy shit
"Forgive"?! There was nothing to forgive. They had a theory and put forward the " clues" they found and their idea on the execution of it.

You don't get to forgive something that is not a sin.
It obvious that Vivi will reunite with the Straw Hats... it's just... I don't hate her character, but she's just so bland with an uninteresting personality and most only want back because of nostalgia. Like, without the duck she's just a nami mannequin with a blue wig. It doesn't help that her character development has been in the freezer for literally 20 years.
I don't understand, how is it that so many of these guys on twitter (the reliable and unreliable leakers) are hyping up the chapter. Do they already have the whole chapter or are they just doing it based on their sources? If they already have the chapter then why not give some small spoilers by now.
- The chapter is mid
- The chapter is really good
- Leakers are being hunted and need to keep low.
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