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Not staggered during first punch, but after he was hit. Do you know what I mean by he got “combo’ed”? Have you played any fighting game? Do you know what happens when you are in a combo?
The 3 air pressure punches that hit Madara, can be considered a combo, their long last effect exist at once, together with the first one.

Madara reacts easily and forms a shield in time, when Gai comes directly at him with no other influencing factors, multiple times.
How is he getting completely blasted when he can make barriers in an instant?
Because he cannot react to Gai.
He finishes his barrier after this assault.
Yeah but we can both agree that they're barely characters at the moment, right?

Carrot who has been given more time to develop is naturally gonna have fans. Especially since her presence in the story felt natural and her struggles with the loss of Pedro resonated with a lot of people
? They both have character.

Carrot is nothing. Failed at the one job she had on wano.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Justice Will Prevail.
Hot take :

If Im-sama turned out to be Female, competent and Strong then I'd argue there's no sexism in OP :pepecafe:

Oda will never let it happen tbh.

If Imu is female, Oda will make her have such a broken DF, it let her gain supreme power over the world by it. Similar to Kaguya, they will be "unbeatable" but Usopp, the counter specialist of women with broken as hell DFs will come in and take out Imu with some clever trick instead and maybe become King of the World lmao.

Oda won't even let us have a female Admiral nor a new female Yonko and Boa had to be saved by Rayleigh too. Smoothie has disappeared into the void. Compote who? Hiyori was just a damsel with no combat ability/training. Kiku is biologically male and Yamato is meant to be a man instead, especially as a lot of her fans insist too. Big Mom is the biggest female clown, making Alvida look irrelevant by comparison too.

Plus we saw how much Oda shat on Carrot too ofc.

Also wasted Viola, Reiju, Baby 5 too. Giolla was just a gag character with a broken power. That factory manager only existed to get kissed by Franky in one of the weirdest, most uncomfortable scenes.

Saika Magoichi is magificently written and it makes Oda's writing so laughable by comparison. Capcom loves writing strong women, well them and their partner studios/developers lol. Jill Valentine the goat for example too!
I don't understand, how is it that so many of these guys on twitter (the reliable and unreliable leakers) are hyping up the chapter. Do they already have the whole chapter or are they just doing it based on their sources? If they already have the chapter then why not give some small spoilers by now.
They don't have access yet, they only getting hints/reactions/general or little infos from the real providers who actually got the real raws chapter. It will cause lot of trouble if the providers just publish the entire chapter all at once early. This chapter is on fire, too much hype, they might taking shit more carefully so it not spreading all over the internet too early,,, that why now we're getting late spoiler releases..

Go to sleep and wake up tommorrow or this friday we gonna have full...Zzzzzzz:zosleepy:
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