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The Walking Muscle, Plot-armor and Boobs Trio
Yes, he has nothing

What do you think Mihawk will do before the story is over

He has little to no agency and has 0 ambition. He doesn't want anything more than he already has and the only thing he does want is to fight a swordsman that's stronger than Shanks

Wow! It just so happens that one of the Strawhats wants to be the WSS which means he has to fight him!

All Mihawk has to do is sit in a corner and wait till Zoro is ready to fight him and his character is complete
And why is that nothing? Mihawk has achieved success and now he wants somebody else to succeed him. He is perfectly fine character.

In fact, Shanks feel like somebody who inspired Luffy, a Jesus figure. While Mihawk feels like an actual person.

Why does he need to be in the main story? To be Luffy's cheerleader?
He wasn’t in a combo in that first page, he reads Gai’s movements fine.
The 2nd page, that’s when he gets combo’ed, there’s a difference, that’s when he gets staggered, likely lost track of Gai’s movements.

Madara couldn’t move, that is also a factor he had to use a spherical barrier.
He failed to keep up with Gai, but that isn’t strictly due to speed vs reaction, there are a lot other factors involved, like the property of the attack, influence of previous attack and such.
People asked me to stop talking about Naruto here, so I’m going to stop here, you get it then you get it.
To be combo’s he first needs to be suspetible to Gai’s speed—which is exactly what happened. He got out sped and before he could finish his barrier he was barraged.
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