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I don't wanna get into arguments about topics like these in this forum, but I just don't see how making Im a woman would make it political or bad. The "evil queen" concept has been a trope for centuries. It's not a new thing that was created for girlboss points.

With Kaguya, the issue wasn't that she was a woman, it's that she appeared out of nowhere and became the final boss with no emotional stakes or hype whatsoever.

Maybe I just don't understand your point. I'm not sure what this "Politics Piece" you're referring to means.
the real problem isn't even kaguya herself, is zetsu randomly going from "plant man" to "liquid uncle of naruto and sasuke who made every single thing in history happen". Kaguya appearing as madara plays with forces he doesn't truly know would have been fine
And why is that nothing? Mihawk has achieved success and now he wants somebody else to succeed him. He is perfectly fine character.

In fact, Shanks feel like somebody who inspired Luffy, a Jesus figure. While Mihawk feels like an actual person.

Why does he need to be in the main story? To be Luffy's cheerleader?
Because he has little to no agency. He barely feels like a character just like Shanks

He's a character with motivations that just so happen to perfectly fit the needs of Zoro as a character.

If all he does is fight Zoro at the end then all that does is prove that there wasn't much more to him to begin with and unfortunately that's likely since there isn't much else to his character. He wants to fight someone stronger than his old rival, no?

Well all he has to do is train Zoro then sit on a random island waiting for him to come back to scratch that itch

I want him to be in the main story so he's more than just a goal for Zoro
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