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What makes you say Kakashi has no immediate answer? Kakashi was just answering Kakuzu’s jutsu wasn’t he?
Kakashi is faster than Kakuzu, Madara is slower than Gai, yet Kakashi got crossed up, so what makes you say speed was the only factor that Madara got crossed up here?
Madara reacts to Gai on the 2nd punch, he turned, but he was occupied by the air pressure of first punch still, that’s how he got crossed up.

An exhausted Kakashi? Probably not, he’s already surpassed his pre time skip limit and the only ability he has that can meaningfully stop Kakuzu is Kamui—which he didn’t want to use this arc due to the condition it leaves him in.

It’s not a good example which is why I’ve largely ignored it. Kakashi is not a sensor, Kakashi has inferior vision, was exhausted and definitely not a Juubi Jinchuuriki.


The Walking Muscle, Plot-armor and Boobs Trio
I'm not saying he has to be planning to take over the world or anything but something! Why do you think so many people were excited when we found out Mihawk was a part of Cross Guild?
I was just excited to see the Warlords coming together. They are my most favorited group.

Cause there's a chance that Mihawk may take action and do things to get what HE wants. He'll have more to his character than sitting around, drinking wine, and waiting to be defeated by one of the main characters
If the OP World didn’t revolve around Luffy, I would've wanted that. But now, I don't. And what he wants can't be gained by him doing anything. He doesn’t care about One Piece, he doesn’t want to rule the world, he doesn’t care about CD discrimination. He only wants to fight strong swordsmen and not be bothered by people doesn’t that interest him.

He can't make strong swordsmen appear. He pretty much has to sit around and wait. I know It's boring, but him sitting around is fits his character perfectly.

If anything, him joining Cross Guild is a bit weird for his character.
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