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CoC: Color of Clowns

No arms, nor legs. Four limbs, all blades.
Frankly I'm not racist ya know but I just don't like mixing with coloured folk ya know? I have nothing against them, I don't hate them but I just don't want to spend time with and get to know them. They should keep to themselves and not invade our personal spaces, our territories, our entertainment with their "diversity". It would be great if they just segregated themselves, not that I'm suggesting they are not welcome nor I don't want them here but you know, gotta stick with your own right? Stick with your own kind?

These are unironic quotes I've seen plenty of "not racists" and "not white supremacists" saying a lot lately online especially. They'll complain about "blackwashing" whilst unironically demanding and making mods to literally whitewash ethnic characters and make their skin pale instead or even worse, remove them from the game.

I lived through extreme racism growing up here. Being one of the only "ethnic" kids in my school and then starting high school when 9/11 happened made people over here suddenly much more openly racist. I had barrages of insults like "paki", "smelly curry bastard", "terrorist/Bin Laden", "blow yourself up/kill yourself brownie" and such. I was also beaten up, and physically assaulted at times. Had stuff thrown at me including sharp, heavy, large stones.

But you know, changing some characters to black is the real racism folks. My heart bleeds for these tragic white folks who have suffered throughout so much in history, with slavery, racial inferiority, forced segeration, overt and thus extreme racism, being depicted in an extremely awful way in media for decades.

I should check my ethnic/brown/Asian privilege right now.

I love all skin colours and those darker skin SHs in @Peppercore 's sig look beautiful and wonderful.

Some people really can't handle when their thrones are threatened and finding out the world doesn't revolve around them though, and that their real enemies are their politicial leaders, corporations, governments, whatever, the ruling elite, the classism, economic prejudice and how we're being turned against each other in deliberate race, political, gender and w/e else wars.
Wow, fuck the adults that let you get abused by other kids like that. "Wow, how do we solve bullying, we've tried absolutely nothing, and we're all out of ideas." Fucking useless authoritarian idiots, you deserved so much better than that.

People act like they're victims for being called out for being assholes.

If you can't walk around outside without randomly stabbing people, damn right you're going to get discriminated against.

These people act like total assholes to other people, then act like being discriminated against for trying to attack random people is the same as being discriminated against just because you're different from others.

If you attack black people, and people discriminate against you, it's because YOU'RE the asshole.

If you're black and get attacked by people who discriminated against you, it's because THEY'RE the asshole.

People who get treated like shit for acting like assholes aren't victims. THEY'RE ASSHOLES.

But these political and religious "holier than thou" types brainwash themselves into believing they're the victims. They'll advocate for hate crimes online, then complain about how oppressed they are to their fellow cultists friends and family. It's ridiculous.

Oda gets it. No one should be judged for who their parents are, or how their bodies look.
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