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Don’t make arguments on hypotheticals, I’m not humoring them lol.

Let’s ask Kakashi;

He was restraining himself due to the side effects of the jutsu.
It’s not.

exhausted Kakashi
Juubi Jinchuuriki with better perception and Sage sensing

Madara puts up a barrier instantly to stop one attack but is outspend the next—Gai’s speed is beyond Madara’s reactions. It’s not that complex.
Then Kakashi being exhausted would have an affect on his reaction time, is also hypothetical isn’t it?

Kakashi talking about a completely different sequence there, than the one Kakuzu crossed him up.

Madara’s barrier construct isn’t formed instantly, neither is Gai’s attack.
Madara reacts to Gai’s speed multiple times, it’s mot that complex either, there are so many examples of this, did Gai get slower or something?
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