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Wow, fuck the adults that let you get abused by other kids like that. "Wow, how do we solve bullying, we've tried absolutely nothing, and we're all out of ideas." Fucking useless authoritarian idiots, you deserved so much better than that.

People act like they're victims for being called out for being assholes.

If you can't walk around outside without randomly stabbing people, damn right you're going to get discriminated against.

These people act like total assholes to other people, then act like being discriminated against for trying to attack random people is the same as being discriminated against just because you're different from others.

If you attack black people, and people discriminate against you, it's because YOU'RE the asshole.

If you're black and get attacked by people who discriminated against you, it's because THEY'RE the asshole.

People who get treated like shit for acting like assholes aren't victims. THEY'RE ASSHOLES.

But these political and religious "holier than thou" types brainwash themselves into believing they're the victims. They'll advocate for hate crimes online, then complain about how oppressed they are to their fellow cultists friends and family. It's ridiculous.

Oda gets it. No one should be judged for who their parents are, or how their bodies look.
Thats exactly it, I've been called a wimp and wuss for being upset over it and "letting it happen", literal victim blaming/shaming.

Schools even to this day don't punish the bullies and punish people for defending themselves! It even goes beyond schools too! Workplace, in society itself and such...

One guy 2 years older than me beat me up during my first year of high school, around 30 people at least saw it happen, not a single one helped me. A teacher came by and stopped it eventually, he took care of me making sure I was ok and then when I had calmed down, we tried to find the asshole who assaulted me but he ran away like a cowardly bitch and even though we checked all the photos of all the students in the school, I couldnt recognise his face that well as I tried to avoid looking at him when he attacked me and forget what happened too.

Thats exactly it. Those sanctimonious self decared victims, the persecution complex. They throw fits online when they get caught out being openly racist, homophobic and such, including spamming the F word and N word towards gay and black people for example.

As someone said to me before, we all bleed the same colour. A teacher in America was surprised to find out a black little girl student of hers had PINK flesh underneath her skin after an injury, just like her and everyone else! Who would have thought right?! I can't find the article now no matter how hard I try which is really weird, like it was wiped from the internet or Google is just failing me as usual lately.

I couldn't have summarised better than you did there!

My neighbour who has been openly racist to me and others on our street for years, even decades maybe, is now crying that he experiencing racial harassment and targeting after doing exactly that to me and my family every day for YEARS! Hes very openly white supremacist/nationalistic/keep Britain white and British and such. Well I say "openly" more so in a passive aggressive way usually. But when hes drunk or feels confident enough to, he goes mask off and starts trashing Asians especially Muslims and anyone else including black folks.

This racist fuck deadass unironically said the doves /pigeons of his I used to feed for free, with seeds I bought with my own money and no complaints from him, he said I tried to murder them by feeding them curry! Not only is he fucking racist, stereotyping and lying outright but he thinks I'm fucking stupid enough to feed curry to birds or any animals?!

He also keeps picking fights with only Asian people on our street and another group of white neighbours, kept trying to falsely accuse our Muslism neighbours of thef, lies, manipulation etc but then resorted to calling them apes, making monkey noises and such. Telling them to leave the country. When the police came, they ran inside and the Muslim neighbours were left outside to deal with them and the police seem to take the side of the white family.

Thats just the tip of the iceberg of the shit with that 1st neighbour, the tip at very most.
Playa spoilers are fake
These are legit
We will see Sabo in this chapter , he didn't kill Cobra

‎-Imu sama appears who has card with an X in his hand and shows his power

‎-Sabo knows of Imu

‎-The Strawhats meet Jewelery bonney .. she has an bounty of 320 million berry
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