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Chapter 1060: 海賊達の楽園 ("Pirate Paradise")
- Color Spread is similar to Chapter 160, but with Blackbeard and his 10 Titanic Captains
- Chapter begins as a continuation of what happened to Koby
- We see Koby imprisoned and chained to the wall similar to Ace in Impel Down
- We get to see Kuzan standing outside of Koby's jail cell, his bounty is 3.3 billion berries, he is introduced as the 10th Titanic Captain
- Kuzan and Koby are not alone, Moria is also present
- Small flashback scene to Kuzan telling Blackbeard that he wants to interrogate Koby and as Kuzan leaves, Blackbeard is telling Moria to go after him and keep an eye out.
- Kuzan talks to Koby but we don't get to see what is being talked about
- We cut to a roundtable in the big skull building on Hachinosu, Blackbeard and 9 commanders (everyone but Kuzan) gather, Sanjuan Wolf is outside looking into the room and listening
- Every Captain gets a small panel and a one-liner, and each of their bounties is revealed (similar to how it was done for the Straw Hats after Wano)
- In order: Jesus Burgess: 1.815 billion berries, Shiryu: 2.1 billion Berries (we see a little jab between Burgess and Shiryu, Burgess tells Shiryu not to get too full of himself because he was only "recruited" after Impel Down)
- Van Augur: 1.63 billion berries, Avalo Pizarro: 1.555 billion berries, Laffitte: 1.42 billion berries (we see him chuckle at the conversation between Burgess and Shiryu, he mentions to them that they should try to compete with Kuzan instead of with each other)
- Catarina Devon: 1.305 billion berries (she has recovered but still complains about Hancock not becoming her trophy), Sanjuan Wolf: 1.229 billion berries, Vasco Shot: 1.211 billion berries (recovered as well but also angry due to not capturing Hancock), and Doc Q: 1 billion berries
- The reason Blackbeard called all Captains is to discuss the plans for the future
- He recaps that their plan to acquire Hancock's fruit has failed
- Van Augur asks how their captain now intends to free Rocks, as it gets revealed that Rocks is not dead but actually in a state of petrification, and they wanted the Mero Mero no Mi do free him
- We see a petrified Rocks D. Xebec standing somewhere in Hachinosu, the location where he stands looks somewhat similar to the Room of Flowers of Imu-sama
- Blackbeard says: "We got ourselves an ace up our sleeve now", as we see a close up shot of Coby's face in the jail cell
- In the final part of the chapter, we cut to the Sunny just encountering/seeing an enourmous mountain in the distance
- Luffy, Chopper and especially Usopp get excited at what awaits them

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Source: 私のお尻 from 5ch
still the best fake spoilers. imma need them to be real in another universe or something
Personality is a myth.
Personality changes faster than looks.

I don't Know which mf decided personality>looks.
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