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Oh yes thanks for adding to my point. After her slave arrow attack failed against coby she tried attacking him again with her other attacks lol. Her attack was the first to fail so she tried again yet I must prove something? Lol
Look of a man who struggled with Margaret and Sweet Pie and will be one shooted by Boa. Fear in his eyes can`t be denied.


A random guy doing things
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What are these reddit spoilers???

One Piece 1061 Spoiler
Brief summary, thanks to Sergio (Redon):

Chapter title: The Hidden Legend

Chapter starts in Kamabakka Kingdom. Dragon calls in for an emergency meeting, talking about how they have to contact a certain person immediately

Cut to the Thousand Sunny. Bonney's actual name is Jewel D. Bonney, secret daughter of Dr. Vegapunk. She wanted to confront her father after the Reverie but was trapped in the eddy just off-shore

Strawhats now finally land on the winter island of Jomarmar. They decide to split up but Zoro gets lost immediately

he ends up in an underground lab, where he encounters Dr. Vegapunk, who reveals himself as the killer of Zoro's childhood friend Kuina, Down D. Stairs
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Why he is bloody?
Blackbeards quake quake fruit. He literally attacked the Marines within the same panel we saw coby lol
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