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One Piece Chapter 1061 (courtesy of malik confirmed by eten)

- Bonney explains what happened at Marijoa.
- Sabo did not kill Cobra, ViVi also did not leave with Sabo to Lulusia.
- Bonney is with the crew arriving on the new island, this is a small flashforward
- Outside world again, Weevil is shown fighting many former Whitebeard commanders.
- Marco arrives to fight him, when he sees Weevil he flashes back to the first time meeting Whitebeard.
- The Strawhats are on the Island
- Usopp: “So this is….”
- Break next week
Spoilers information source is Eiichiro Oda from JAPAN
-Akainu is still stronger than Shanks as of chapter 1061
Vegapunk developed this "Cyborg Haki" he is also Sanjis Uncle (Sora's Brother)

Akainu bounty reveal

Other Admiral bounties are not revealed
Universal Law of One Piece:
AdmiraLs look good only in fake spoilers and fanfics
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