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I'm the opposite, I hate sweet things

so Green apples best for me

Red apples overrated tbh i ate too much of them that i no longer even taste them theyre just mid to me now

Yellow apples too sweet and small, also idk if its just me but everytime i buy them their skin always dirty

though we all know Bananas top 1 fruit neg diff all of them anyway
You and I

I’m more a sweet tooth
I also love bananas but only when they’re sweet and not half green
Banana ice/milkshake and Banana milk is just… beautiful
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Do you also have roasted chestnuts where you live?
Yes, we buy them every autumn and roast them
So delicious
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I can count so many things why winter is superior

Summer fans be like: "Yeah the days are longer and ehm yes it’s hot"
That’s it
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