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Spoilers 1062, credit to Ledon

vegapunk: my granson, I created the ultimate raid suit, this is my best creation, 1 million times stronger then pacifista mihawk. Take it and find all blue

Luffy, franky, usopp, chopper: USE ITTTTT! USEE IT PLEASEEEEE

Robin, Nami: trash, we only like swords. * wink at zoro*

Sanji: so this will make me.... vice captain

* transformation ....*

Stronger phyically
ACoC that clashes equally
Definitely better endurance
Supreme blade just like Roger
A devil fruit that levels the world
Holds the WSM title
0 interest in titles, let Oden go aka the reason Roger became PK

How can I not believe that, give me a single argument for Roger
Even Kaido is stronger than the fraud Fraudger

Only Whitebeard reigns supremacy over Waido
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