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1st rule of oda, lie about everything until you need to tell the truth.
2nd rule. It's not lying if it's for the sake of foreshadowing
Yeah oda like to keep mystery for long time, when mystery come out the light , it is meh ,

Like oden and numbers

‘Like horror movies , monsters have to be mystery and hype , but when we see monsters clearly , hype and mystery fell down.
It’s weak writing in my eyes
People are confusing plot twists and good writing with baits
Shits been happening since timeskip and now oda is rewriting the preskip shit and changing it all for this shit... Oda's foreshadowing fetish is a fucking joke. Good on oda for doing what he wants but fuck, at least make it coherent and smooth.... Not a jumbled fucking mess that'll stab you in the eye on a reread
Oda: "I always need something huge for the last page."
80% is it some lame ass line or a bait
IMU fans should worry since oda keep this guy mysteriously

Heck I look at fan arts IMU none women version, some are scary with big face and tiny arms.
I doubt oda draw scary character anyway.

I hope IMU is woman to be threatening otherwise we will have big head guy with tiny arms.
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