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The Puppeteer
- Chapter 1062 : Devil Fruit
- Vegapunk's devil fruit revealed.
- He eats Paramecia Devil Fruit : Offscreen - Offscreen No Mi
- Vegapunk : "With my power, im able to offscreened your entire backstory Roronoa Zoro!!"
- Editor Note : "Shocking reveal!!
- No Break next weak
Lets hope he doesnt offscreen caribou’s tragic backstory making him extremely likeable for the general public
This makes no sense. A leak is a leak, so why does it matter if it comes out a week before the chapter’s release or just a day before the chapter’s release?
Ask the Japanese fans they ain't blind and hate when spoilers float around before even the official previous chapter drops and then there will be a lot of uproar, one piece is making most of their profits in Japan, imagine your fan base starts complaining you would take any measures into your hands to calm them down. So far nothing has happened, but that doesn't mean you should start to experiment and release Spoilers on a Saturday when the official release is 1 week ahead. If I was a spoiler provider/ leaker, I wouldn't try funny things like that either. They have very strict copyright laws, just because you are sitting outside Japan doesn't mean you have a free pass. You risk your source's freedom, people got arrested in the past.

So whenever I see those little kids on Twitter insulting redon for not releasing the spoilers, I cringe a lot. No self-control, no discipline, selfish and arrogant. Do any of them ever think about the safety of the people that risk their freedom getting copies digitally/ physically, so we here can enjoy Spoilers week by week? I doubt it. I am not defending Redon here by any means he can be a little weird sometimes, just giving an example of how his world works a little. That's honorable. Being so strict with Spoilers for so many years.

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