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Title: 6 paths

- the girl is not Vegapunk
- the real Vegapunk knows that Luffy and the rest are on his island
- there are six paths to reach Vegapunk's room
- we can see the real Vegapunk and he says: "let’s play a game"
- the SHC gets separated into 6 teams and each of them is forced to take a path
- they reach a certain room and everyone meets a Seraphim

the teams and match ups are:

- Luffy and Bonney vs Kuma
- Jinbe and Chopper vs Doffy
- Zoro and Robin vs Mihawk
- Sanji and Nami vs Crocodile
- Franky and Brook vs Moria
- Usopp is alone in the beginning and is scared
- he meets Seraphim Buggy
- another intruder shows up in a silhouette and Usopp is shocked!

editors note: friend or foe?!
Extremely well made, hyped for usopp Vs buggy:endthis:
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