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Gorosei Informer

Tbh I might actually enjoy One Piece more if they looked like his I think. I just love how bizarre, and unique they look, so crazy, unothordox and having more personality imo.

Gear 5 works too well with fake Luffy here too lmao and the memes the fake SHs have provided have been vast and priceless too That One Piece Party Chapter parodying Enies Lobby with them was hilarious too!
Ahh so coby


Luffy stated that kaidos scales made him tanky lol hence why he learned ryou to penetrate his scales: luffys words lol.

Negating devil fruit ability has nothing to do with one's durability so that is also a mute point
Address the other points as well.

What is more likely,

A) Coby, a cool specialist, who awakened his coo first, who was hyped in the use of coo, who had an emotional episode because of his coo, using that and dodging some aoe attack from Boa?


B) Coby suddenly being this haki monster, having haki the level of Yonkers and top tiers, and negating a df attack by tanking it completely?

OCCAM'S RAZOR. look it up.
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