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Again bs. Bb stated that his men that were not even in the area besides vasco shot and the nineties chic was turned to stone which means hee arrows had a wide very very very very wife area of affect . Coby would have had to dodge all of those arrows and reappear in the very same spot he was before she shot them to make the paneling of him dodging them make sense sense. That sir is mental gymnastics to prove as a point. Hence why it's silly to say he dodged them all
So you are actually actively going against cobys coo now? Lmao.

This is the damn panel. You see how he's behind the seraphim? He could very well have escaped stoning that way. Also, if someone turns to stone in front of him, he won't get turned. Cause the arrows don't go through people once it's struck them. So he could have dodged by staying in the back of some marines too.
Typed Sanji/ badass and found it, @ShishioIsBack compliments Sanji first and how he is on Marco’s level but ends it with Sanji being able to push King to mid diff lmfaao. It was hard to believe Kinyagi, he does occasionally shit on Zoro but the Mihawk/ Rayleigh baseline remains stable so it’s a different case

@EmperorKinyagi that’s Borderline not schzio btw
Why can't I appreciate the one of the very few times in the series where Sanji ACTUALLY looks good?

I don't need to have pettiness and agenda like Sanji, Law and Midd fan.

As a Zoro fan..his feats and portrayal speaks for itself. And I can give credit where credit is due.

Only issue is Zoro always looks good while other characters rarely look good and most of the time when I have opinion of Low, Midd or Sanji the way they are presented in manga..aka mediocre as fuck..I end up looking like a hater.
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