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Oda sidelines Zoro all the timebecause otherwise Zoro would be too popular

This is an interesting statement.
And I highlited a particularly interesting term.

Might you want to elaborate on this point of view?

Everything makes sense in this post except fir the Monet part
Colonizers invade a country to exploit it's natural resources. Face resistance from natives. They either defeat them or get driven away. The Colonizers take slaves for cheap labour and try to acquire political clout or power.

Once established politically, the Colonizers Stat whitewashing history of bloodshed and restructure educational systems to undermine native institutions and to erase the pride of native identity.

This creates a special breed of woke people who despite being natives, lose their connect with their identity and start mimicking the Colonizers and pander to them by insulting their native culture and practices and feel shame for being born in that culture.

This process is called Deracination. Deprived of their culture, these people face many issues like broken families, increased affinity to crime, drugs, mental illnesses and suicide.

For further elaboration, watch this
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The forum will break and I can 100% guarantee there will be 100+ pages of powerscaling and people being angry or excited over the outcome. This will all happen within 3 days of the spoiler summary.

This is going to be so interesting. Hint Piece should be starting in a bit as well :kidsmile:

Gorosei Informer

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"lucci heavily injures luffy" incoming :pepestrike:
Lucci breaks the Gear 3rd Generation stone.

Sanji robbed the pleasure Queen Stussy.

Brook fuses with fiery mythical afro.

Zoro after encountering the Grim Reaper before, tries to find it and ends up lost and in the world of Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, where he tries to cut down Grim.

Chopper mistakes Kaku for Usopp even though he's right next to him. Calls him Susopp too.

Franky tells Vegapunk that cola is the energy source he needs. And that Vegapunks hentai (transforming,) tech is very impressive.

Nami makes out with Lilith because reasons/fanservice/Shuiesha needs money/Odas down bad.

Jinbei goes to punch Lucci but Lucci is swatted away by a gigantic hand of Robins and she uses the ball crusher move on him too.

Bonney wakes up and de-ages Jinbei by accident again. Luffy thinks its the Seraphim Jinbei and beats him up. Sanji joins in because its Jinbei too.
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