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Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
sanji was defeated by queen
king said than sanji was weak
zoro is angry and king uses his hybrid form
queen want to kill sanji due queen love the sanji mother, but zoro stop him
zoro vs hybrid form from king and queen
zoro said than he didn't want to use asura because he would use again agaisnt kaido but two commander are too much
before zoro uses his asura form xdrake and chopper stop queen
If this means that we will get a chapter dedicated to the Appo vs X Drake fight, then i think it's a good sign - we can even learn something interesting. The fight itself can also be good
I know everybody hates Appo (me too), but that would mean Oda finishes the rest of the fights before the grand finale.

Who tf is everybody? Lol Just cus you don't like him doesn't mean everyone does
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