Event The Battle on Three Fronts: Opening Event

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The Don

The Two Kingdoms War is an RP event in which two powerful kingdoms are at war with each other. The war has been ongoing for several years; both kingdoms are exhausted and want to end things quickly. They battle it out one last time, using everything they’ve got.

Grondilier and Brackendia
The two battling kingdoms. Grondilier is controlled by King Jesterie, and Branckendia is collectively controlled by the Peruso Family, headed by King Graden. Each kingdom is desperately looking for strong, infamous mercenaries to assist in its war efforts. They offer inconceivable amounts of winnings, although, it depends on how well the mercenary performs in the war.

The Three Fronts
Each front will contain different bosses which the mercenaries may choose to fight against. These bosses don’t have any particular allegiance but instead, fight for themselves. Each front will also have different boosts depending on the race of the mercenary.

Naval Battle
On the high seas, two ships are battling each other. One for Gondilier, and the second for Brackendia. Each ship is roughly the size of a Man o’ War, fully equipped with traditional ship weapons and its own attributes. Beware of the Kraken that lies below the surface.

The goal of the battle is to weaken the ship to where it’s ripe for boarding and then the winner of the takeover wins the battle. There are approximately 30 soldiers per ship. Defeating the Kraken will give the player the Ringed Staff.

Bloody Forest
In the thick bush that covers the land between the two kingdoms, a raging battle is occurring. Both sides are killing each other like crazy, in turn reddening the forest floor, giving it its name: the Bloody Forest. Not to mention, the giant troll that occupies the forest as its home.

Both sides have 50 soldiers each. They’re all dying rapidly. Defeating the giant troll will give the player the Troll’s Club or 200 million berri.

The Siege
Grondilier is taking siege against Brackendia! The kingdom is fighting for its dear life against the opposing force. The battle rages on at the West Gate entrance in Brackendia city. Grondilier is not the only threat; the Knights of Avenguard have entered the ring as well, but they’re only fighting for themselves, and oh my all 5 of them are strong as a bull ox!

75 soldiers for each side. Defeating the Knights of Avenguard gives 250 million berri for each one defeated.

Your participation in each Front determines your reward. Your base level achieved from your performance in the event will also determine what reward you may receive.

Naval Battle
For participating in the Naval Battle Front, role-players are given the option to choose between each of the winnings:
-250 million berri
-Pirate Ship Captain
-Rank of Captain in the Navy
requires level 40 beforehand

Bloody Forest
For participating in the Bloody Forest Front, role-players are given the option to choose between each of the winnings:
-Yomi Yomi no mi
-Hana Hana no mi
-Gomu Gomu no mi
-Hito Hito no mi: Model Human
-200 million berri

Do note that only one person can have each Devil Fruit listed here. So it is first-come, first-serve.

The Siege
For participating in The Siege Front, role-players are given the option to choose between each of the winnings:
-Sword be one of the 50 Skillful Grades
-Cursed Weapon
requires level 30 beforehand
-CP-9 requires level 40 beforehand
-Revolutionary Officer requires level 40 beforehand

Those rewards are only given to those that participate in that specific Front. You may not achieve a reward from another Front. However, it is possible to participate in more than one Front if you wish. There are some advantages to be gained from that. If you participate in more than one Front, then you may select a reward each from those Fronts. For example, if I was in Bloody Forest and The Siege, then I may choose Underworld Boss and the Yomi Yomi no mi.

Participants who had a higher performance than other role-players will get priority in selecting rewards over those who had a worse performance.

Your participation in this event will be how the Game Starters will determine your starting level for Role Play. Everyone will begin at level 20 but some others might start at level 30 or even 50. We will be looking at your performance in this event to judge where to place you. Rule breaks will also be taken into consideration.

All mercenaries will be level 25. No more, no less. When creating your character, you must give them a mercenary nickname for them and pick which kingdom you’re fighting for and on what front.

How Combat Works
For each front, there will be a main thread for the characters to participate in. In this thread, you may do general RPing and just kill some soldiers or go fight the boss. If you and another mercenary from another kingdom decide to duel, you must create a separate thread for it titled: Name vs Name - Race - Front. Example: Drago vs Oreki - Fishman vs Giant - Bloody Forest. This thread must be posted in the Colosseum subsection.

When you finish, please post the start, the end, and the winner in this thread using this format:
Participants: X & Y
Winner: X

Front: B
Name: Malcolm Heseltine.
Epithet: “the Red Baron.”
Occupation: Mercenary.
Gender: Male.
Age: 55.
Height: 8 ft.

Appearance: Praise be to Wikipedia.

Personality: A physically imposing individual, Malcolm is proud man who enjoys adventure and battle from the bottom of his heart. He seeks out the greatest thrills to be found both on and off the battlefield. Malcolm firmly believes that an individual must earn their own rewards in life and holds little respect for those who he considers to leech off of the successes of others.

His lust for battle and his archaic manner of speech, a hangover from his noble upbringing, have earned him the epithet of "the Red Baron".

Background: Originally from a family of low ranking nobility, Malcolm held an adventurous streak even from a young age. Treating the formal events and fake niceties of nobility with nothing but disdain, Malcolm often instead sought out merchants for stories of daring deeds and tales of lands far beyond the mundane cobblestones of his native island. As soon as he became of adult age, Malcolm renounced his noble birthright to his father's face, left the island as a deckhand aboard a merchant vessel and never looked back. For years, Malcolm has adventured across the seas and fought numerous battles, always seeking greater thrills regardless of the peril.

Now, he has been hired as a mercenary to participate in a war between two kingdoms. The reason for this conflict is but of passing interest to him. The only things of importance to Malcolm is that there is blood to be spilled, battles to be fought, fortunes to be earned and adventure to be experienced.

Level 25
25 × 5 = 125
Human Bonus: +4 in Strength, Agility, and Vitality | +6 in Fighting Style.
Strength: 37+4=41
Agility: 37+4=41
41×2 = 82
-Reaction: 41
-Movement: 41
Vitality: 17+4=21
-Endurance: 21
-Resilience: 21
Fighting Style: 19+6=25
-Ittoryu/Nitoryu: 50
Fighting for: Grondilier
Participating in: All three fronts. Bloody Forest, Siege and Naval Battle.
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