Event The Battle on Three Fronts: Opening Event

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@Dragomir any idea yet on what tha staff can do?
What does the Troll Club even do? :kizabat:
I'll show them to y'all in a later post. Stay tuned for that.
So.. Say I keep the troll club from this event and choose the -Hana Hana no mi fruit.. I can choose to sell both in the underworld at some point?
@Dragomir any thoughts?
Yes, it's just as Lee said.
@Dragomir what does the troll club do? And if I understand correctly, I can keep the troll club and still use the Ittoryu swordstyle right?
Yes. You can have both as two separate fighting styles to use or keep the club as an item to auction off in the Underworld. However, if you do plan on keeping it to sell off later on then you can't use it in combat for your convenience as that would be a loophole to the system. I'll show you what the club can do in a few.
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