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This is a simple analogy post that helps compare Kaido's 1v1 so far

1. Extremely Nerfed Zoro vs Relatively Fresh Hybrid Kaido = Extremely Psychologically Nerfed IW Thor vs 6 Stones Thanos

Both Zoro and Thor deal massive damage, but their nerfs make them unable to finish the job. Both Kaido and Thanos are extremely fazed by their attacks respectively, but they both partially recover due to regeneration.

Another similarity is that both Zoro and Thor's 1v1s are short and to the point respectively. Where as Luffy, Yamato, Iron Man, and Caps 1v1s are longer.

2. Luffy vs Nerfed Kaido = EG Captain America vs No Stones Thanos(Nerf)

Both Luffy and EG Captain America continue to get extreme shining moments against their enemy. But ultimately, it is basically all show. EG Captain America even knocks Thanos down, which IW Thor fails to do. It's solely the hype of the scene that make things seem drastically more impressive/damaging than it is. We know this because even though, IW Thanos didn't fall to Thor's attack, he was extremely injured and needed the time stone to heal himself. The 1v1 also last a short while before Cap is destroyed by no stones Thanos. Similarly to Luffy vs Nerfed Kaido

3. And finally Yamato vs Nerfed Kaido = IW Iron Man vs 4 stones Thanos

IW Iron Man has the longest 1v1 against Thanos out of Captain America and Thor. However, all Iron Man does is go all-out to draw just a drop of blood. Sounds similar?It's also similar in the way that both Thanos and Tony are extremely similar. Like Kaido and Yamato, even though 1 is vastly more superior than the other. It's also similar in the fact that once Kaido/Thanos get angry, the relentlessly beatdown their respective opponents Yamato/IW Iron Man.

"All that for a drop of blood"

This is literally the best analogy. :cheers::cheers::cheers:

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edit Tl;dr: Kaido's 1v1 against Zoro, Luffy, and Yamato, can simply be compared to Thanos 1v1's vs IW Thor, EG Captain America, and IW Iron Man
It's a bad comparison for Zoro because Thor had to create a special weapon for that fight.
So it kinda implies Zoro needed a special weapon (aka Enma) to scar Kaido.

But I agree Zoro looks more impressive, then Yamato and finally Luffy.

I think Momo has a chance of being more impressive than Luffy too, maybe when Kaido is at 5% HP, Luffy will shine
Dragon twister almost cut kaido but it didnt leave a scar


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1. Kaido is not the current World's Strongest
2. Zoro will never fight King
3. Carrot joins the crew.
4. Asura kills Kaido
5. Kaido does not have hybrid form
6. Wings refers only to Sanji and not Zoro
7. AdmiraLs have CoC.
This on this false crap I see..
So what do you mean nerfed by Kaido?

Zoro D Goat

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So Yamato kills Kaido confirmed since Iron Man was the one that snapped the stones at the end of Endgame