Versus Battle The Clover Kingdom and friends vs Spade Kingdom matchups.


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What are your matchups for the inevitably upcoming war with the Spade Kingdom?
Let's assume that opening the gates to the Devils realm would take some time and that with each minute passing Dark Triad will access more % power on top of what they have already. What are your matchups?

For me ( these are assuming Dark Triad will be more powerful due to more Devils power leaking from the gates ):

Asta, Yuno, Charlotte and Jack vs Zenon.

Noelle, Nozel, Mereoleona and Fuegoleon vs Vanica.

Nacht, Rill, Kaiser, and Dorothy vs Dante.

Black Bulls and the rest of the squads + Gadjah and the Spirit Guardians + rest of the remaining Diamond Kingdom mages vs Dark Disciples.

My only doubt is when it comes to the Diamond Kingdom. They were completely pushed off in this arc and they not seem relevant but judging the situation with the gates to the Devils realm they should help ye?



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I dig the idea of hmm how to call them top Dark Disciples? Like Dark Disciples but the stronger ones than we saw and with the higher status rather than following Dark Triad like dogs. Ofc Dark Triad is powerful but I really don't know how they can oppose the entire force of the Clover Kingdom.
im pretty sure dante zenon vanica is just the beginning.
there has to be someone who can activate devil power above 80% or maybe even 100%.
and thats not dante vanica zenon


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Like Diku from One Piece:madmonk:

I mean Nacht kinda boosts your theory possibility a little.

I can't believe Dante is the leader while both Zenon and Vanica are on the same level I mean all three of them per Nacht words.

It's weird ngl.
thats what im trying to stay.
if clover kingdoms + heart kingdom prepared to attack spade kingdom, it will be weird if zenon dante vanica is the top 3.
Nice Thread.

Yuno, Langris, and other members of the golden dawn vs Zenon. Because he killed members of them.
Asta and the BB vs Dante.
Noelle, Mimosa, Charlotte, Nozel, Mereoleona vs Vanica

I think @BangMi is right, that there are 1-2 members more who are above the three. Maybe the father of them or so?

But my hopes are that Asta will join the Demons and becomes the King of them. That would be nice. :steef:

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Asta, Yuno, Charlotte and Jack vs Zenon.
I wouldn’t favor Zenon over two Clover Caotains realistically. Yeah Zenon stomped Vangeance and all but Vangeance never seemed like a 1v1 fighter to me, more like a nuke. Like his teammates/squad mates need to protect him because he isn’t the best in 1v1 fights, but let him charge up a spell and every single enemy present is about to get annihilated lol. Zenon took advantage of Vangeance’s disadvantages and beat him that way.

Jack, as far as I’m concerned, is pretty much a Yami level fighter in and of himself, and add Asta and Yuno to his team and there’s already a strong case to be made that these 3 would win even before we even include an entire additional captain lol.

Noelle, Nozel, Mereoleona and Fuegoleon vs Vanica.
So, Mereleona is just ridiculous lmfao. Like she still is probably a stronger fighter than Yami imo or at least on par with him currently. I’m sure Fuegoleon has made strides to close the gap between he and her as well, Fuego is probably the number 1 candidate for the next Wizard King right now.

These two by themselves, I think could arguably defeat Vannica. Obviously throwing in Nozelle or Noel makes me even more confident that Megicula will need to find a new host.

Nacht, Rill, Kaiser, and Dorothy vs Dante.
This is the toughest one as none of the Clover people here are as amazing in 1v1 as the other matchups. Kaiser seemingly has no 1v1 fighting ability iirc, but he is very powerful in support. Rill is extremely powerful in 1v1 but his inexperience is his detriment and I’m not sure if he knows how to properly control his magic yet. Nacht is a complete unknown, and Dorothy is powerful but her magic seems to be relatively easy to counter compared to every other Captain lol.

This one I’m not so sure. I guess I’d lean towards the Clover because I feel like Rill has Wizard King level potential even if he hasn’t realized it yet, and he’s got solid backup lol.

Black Bulls and the rest of the squads + Gadjah and the Spirit Guardians + rest of the remaining Diamond Kingdom mages vs Dark Disciples.
This is the million dollar question because I feel like we still know almost nothing about the Spade’s overall might. So far we’ve really only seen them in covert ops, and even those covert ops have been enough to throw 2/4 kingdoms into disarray lol.

I think I’m probably leaning towards the Spade though. Idk, difficult to say. Their disciples seem excessively powerful, moreso than Clover knights.

Overall I think the Clover is still at an advantage here until we learn more about the Spade lol.

EDIT: Oh shit, the Heart mages are here too? Yeah, the Clover and the Heart can probably take it lol.


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Asta, Jack, Yuno and Nacht/Charlotte vs Zenon
Fuego, Dorothy, and Mereoleona, Charlotte/Nacht vs Dante (this team might be too much for Dante)
Nozel, Noelle, Kaiser and Rill vs Vanica.

I am expecting more from Disciples. We need a good opponent for Luck as well. :steef: