Where do you want the manga to go?

  • SHs

    Votes: 31 32.3%
  • Kuma's death

    Votes: 10 10.4%
  • More Revos

    Votes: 22 22.9%
  • Mr Sandman, bring me a dream

    Votes: 17 17.7%
  • Coby

    Votes: 7 7.3%
  • TAC and Doggo

    Votes: 21 21.9%

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Kid loosing right doesnt make sense because :
-That would completely go against the story with the new gen and old gen.
-Kids story is not finished.
-The outcome of this fight will be revealed after egghead.
Bro thinks Oda will make Shanks lose against Kid. Kid's crew is fodder compared to Shanks so even if Kid beats Shanks then Beckmann just comes in and kills kid.
Just accept Kid lost and move on.:beckmoji:
The logic you're missing here is. It doesn't matter how strong or weak a top-tier you are. It wouldn't take two low-top tiers to beat you. If you're at the bottom of your tier and it took two people to beat you, the duo is nowhere near that tier. We don't know how well Big Mom would fare against two YC1s. We assumed they can't beat her based on how King and Queen lost to Green Bull.
No, we assume they can't beat here because she randomized Queen while amnesiac, she chocked Marco who is above your typicall YC1.

Kidd and Law are relative to Luffy in portrayal (atleast in Oda's eyes).

Kidd and Law would beat any Top Tier not named Primebeard or Roger, and Law/Kidd aren't even the bottom of their respective tiers.
Not counting the fact that they even got stronger as Law implied against Teach.

2 Rayleigh level characters shouldn't lose against no Top Tier, and 1 wouldn't get dominated by any Top Tier.
Maybe preTS, where he killed innocent people
but now he's just Luffy 2.0

He only won because he became "friends" with Luffy, Law and allied together. AKA Luffy

Oda only shows his obsession with Kid and Killer ass sniffing each other

We still have no idea why he doesn't ass sniff Heat and Wife even though from SBS they grew up exactly the same with Kid and Killer. What's special about Killer that Kid sniff's his ass?

There's a difference between unbreakable will and just straight up being stupid.

He and Killer rushed to Kaido with knowing no way to damaging him and knowing that they have no chance of winning:

That's just stupid. Rushing to death =/= will

The will only counts if there is no other way of running away, changing plans, negotiating, training...etc.

Did you forget that mr gear 4th,fifth emperor luffy in act one couldnt hurt kaido with physical blows too? Idk why kid gets so much hate for that line
m but him losing like newbie is the issue!
newbie issue is not new...for weird reason, Oda writing shit with new generation except Law...Luffy fighting like a shit against Seraphims and now Kid (which is not confirmed yet but let us assume)...only Law has shown some progress in terms of skill and fighting...anyways, I think spoils are exagerrated like how they have done with Snaji....