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To find the All Blue!
Lmao Yamato for Nakama's joining is one of my oldest belief since WCI and i'm not even her fan
If I'm right about this and not many of my other beliefs like ZKK i'm gonna lose it :josad:
Pretty sure the sentiment of "Yamato for Nakama joining" just took had a downfall due to Yamato for Nakama for Nakama's appearance and people only considering one of them joining.

and apparently My drug dealer did a "pro player move" and we might not have any of them now.
The guy who killed Abe has been filled with hatred for the past 20 years because his mother gave all the family's money to that cult, including the money that was meant for his university.


But why would anyone want to kill My drug dealer?
Idk, but the Collateral Damage threat idea is too much I'll give you that.

Maybe he's just shy is possible. However, going out his way to actively censor his face whenever he's in screen/ actively be low profile as possible just scream maybe there's more to it .
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