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I would understand if her trait was masochism, but she displays evil towards others not the other vps
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She's still her own person. If you pull out part of your personality and give it a body. It's you, but it's not you. Why would that part give a shit about "you"?

Lillith already said she was going to hand them over to the WG.
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Damaji eats the Clear Clear Fruit clone
shnqsk just posted a Fleet admiral Fenaker said Zolo low diffs on twitter.

He claims that Fraud awakened the fruit but not his, but Pinzoro's. The chapter ends on page 17 and there is no break.
On the last page there appears to be an editor's note about the next chapter...

This seems to be very interesting guys
Pinzoro's such a chad - apparently the fruit he ate just gives him the ability to swim again. No other hacks needed :suresure:
Chapter title: Egghead in danger
-Fraud’s company grow tired of the sea beasts blocking their entry
-They skywalk looking for a different route to enter Egghead, on their way they spot the Sunny
-Laku exchanges a few words with Pinzoro, then leave the spot and enter the island
-Fraud is thrilled that Nico Fan service is on the island, and comments how such mission was too much for ”that idiot Guernica”
-Pinzoro decides to keep guarding the ship and says it’s the cook’s and Ruffi’s problem to deal with
-Cp0 use Rankyaku to clear their path, the size is comparable with Seraphim Posthawk slash
-Lastly they end up confronting Shaka‘s group
-In the last page Kuma teleports himself somewhere
@TheAncientCenturion Redon pretty much confirmed my Daddy Spoiler mafia please you can open the thread now
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