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These are designs of "future villains" from back when the Sato Chad & Orihime first entered the Grandline, showing I’ll never get married 9~ years early. Who are the rest of the characters pictured?

Where did you find this?! I need to know! :lunazing::lunazing::lunazing:

I’m gonna go on a whim and say

I’ll never get married In this town again - Imagine if it turned out this was Imu and she was one of the first snake empresses of Amazon Lily. That’d be insane :strawhatock:

We don’t know who or what Imu is so it’s best not to think about that right now lol

Wyper - it could also be a future Space or Lodestar villain going by their star covered cape. Lulusia Bleach is almost certainly destroyed so I can’t really guess that, huh :josad:

Prince Loki - it could’ve been an early design for Brogy but I doubt it since Little Garden happened not too long after the SHs entered the Grand Line.

??? - I actually don’t know. They’re holding a sword and wearing silver plated armor along with a top knot. It could be Orochi like @Sir Yasheen said but I doubt it since this guy looks like a fighter and Orochi is… well… not that. Perhaps they were some scrapped Wano villain? Or Crydo :suresure:

They give me Mary Geoise vibes though.

These designs look like they’re for characters that appear AFTER Sabaody Archipelago, which is insane since that happened near the end of the Grand Line Saga/the start of the New World.

Pretty much all of the characters look weaker than Ruffi so I don’t see them being major villains like Big meme and Crydo. I have a hard time believing many characters are stronger than him after he took down Crydo and awakened his DF, unless My drug dealer nerfs him for the plot :lusalty:

This is very cool! Thanks for sharing. I wonder how many more things My drug dealer’s shown off that hasn’t been seen yet? :fujilaugh:
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