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I'll never forgive you Oda

Who could've predicted this outcome? Monkey D. "Mugiwara" Luffy versus his right hand man, Zoro the Pirate Hunter. It's been a long road, and this website has upset me at each and every turn by voting out my favorite's in favor of bland swordsman and protagonists. But we're finally here, to decide who gets the first voted upon theme for the website. A special reminder that using dupes disqualifies your votes, and we do check. Also, if your preferred choice doesn't win, don't lose heart, 'cause we got a flaming Ace theme in the works regardless of who wins!

You do not get to see who is winning before voting, nor can you change your vote. Choose wisely.

MVP of the previous round: Pirate Hunter Zoro
Biggest loser of the previous round: Dracule Mihawk
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