Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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Kizaruber Eats

Life's coin always has two sides; flip it wisely.

Hold on what is Oda saying with this Red Moon behind the Cat dude :shocking:

I just saw a theory come up the other day on Youtube about Don Krieg being the failed/disowned son of the Don family too, Sai, Chinjao etc lol. Similar facial structures and hes got that Don name although Krieg is German ofc. The Don family were known for their Happo Navy or something? Mihawk chased Krieg to the East Blue from the New World (probs from West Blue where Kanoand thus the Don's come from is too) and Krieg had that MASSIVE ship and fleet or w/e too?

This is probably all just coincidence and maybe nonsense ofc but its interesting nonetheless.

Dorry and Groggy are here to do a joint attack with Luffy
That would be really cool, although I'd love to see them do that with Zoro, his Pound A Hoe moves are kinda similar to their Elbaf Spear or Hakoku Sovereignity or whatever attack.



Kizaruber Eats

Life's coin always has two sides; flip it wisely.
Giants Duo will gave Luffy a sword.
Sword is gift from Shanks

Luffy will use Divine Departure and defeat Kizaru


My joke about Luffy becoming the new WSS gets all the more potential. Luffy got the Nidai and not Zoro too after all! /s

The (2nd) World's Strongest Samurai is similar to Luffy too! But Luffy was also compared to Ryuuma, the actual WSS (strongest samurai and thus surely swordsman too in history) indirectly too!

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Aw man tag fail lol.
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