Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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You clowns were all tagging me last chapter. Zoro beat Lucci right?
Guess what happened? Luffy blowing away 2-3 gorosei in 1 hit - Zoro not even able to make Lucci drop to the ground. You zorotards are actually and absolutely finished. Like, I'm just shocked. How can Oda hand such a disgusting a humiliating L to Zoro fans on Zoros birthday? Thoughts? :lulz::lulz::lulz::lulz::luffylaugh::luffylaugh::luffylaugh::luffylaugh:
I don't even know who you are...

Nevertheless, it's a huge disappointment. It's good there's a break. Fuck you ODA for that. FUCK. YOU. Once the chapter's out I'm out too. FUCK. YOU.