Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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The saddest thing about this isn't that Ocho Piece readers have been harassing Toei's staff for years, it's not the fact that they're lying about not being butthurt about their made up feats not being animated, it's the fact that Franky getting some love somehow ruined Runji's background shit! :hapnoel:
- After Vegapunk reveals Joyboy's identity the Gorosei have a small flashback of them facing Joyboy in the past
- After Big Mom's death her fruit respawned on Morgan's ship, Vivi eats it
- Fujitora says he is going to Egghead
- Sengoku and Tsuru are going after CG
- Imu says everything is turning just like back then
- The Giant Robot is revealed to have been a former member of Joyboy's crew, he has a conqueror haki clash with Jupeter
- Luffy breaks Warcury's defense for the first time, Warcury transforms to hybrid form
- Joyboy's crew were called the Joyful Pirates


Ace had haki, second division commander and no haki? You must dumb dude. Even Crocodile during the Alabasta Arc had haki.
Alabasta Croc didn't have shit.
Alabasta Croc should have had haki in all forms, including CoC, since he was still following his dream, thus his will was not broken.
But the concept of haki didn't yet exist back then.
Even with the Macarena dance shown in Marineford, Ace still didn't display fuck-all in the haki department. The Wano flashback is the first time Ace ever got the system himself. Anything else is handwaving and retconing.