Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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i...don't know how to explain.

i have this adblock plus thingy that allows me to block any random element on a website so i just choose that option and it works. i just blocked your tag too and it works, even after i've refreshed

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Ublock origin or ad guard? Or something else? Because I have these 2 and after refreshing the tag appears again
Today I learned the British murdered more Indians over a 40 year period than the entire death count for World War 2.

World War 2 estimated death count: 50-100 million
Indian Genocide estimated death count: 100+ million

And then there's this during World War 2:

God Britain sucks. Not England, BTW, but Britain. Know lots of nice English people, but the Kingdom of Britain is just such objective, Celestial Dragon run trash.

I really need to research Indian history more, stupid ass US education system teaching me nothing as usual.

Edit: just gained a new level of respect for Pirates of the Caribbean, best Jack Black movie, by far (this was sarcasm about Jack Black, but just fucking imagine Jack Black as a pirate captain in that universe, PLZ SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN). Way to shit on British Imperialism, WHOOOOOOOOOOOO GO PIRATES, PIRATES FOREVER
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The famine of Bengal while not direct actions of the UK were more or less due to Churchill.
The partition of the subcontinent was a clever ploy to reduce any economic power the Bengal region as well as the Punjab had. East Bengal and West Bengal were partitioned in 1905!

A lot of Afghans were hired by Brits to kill Sikhs in Western Punjab so Muslim Punjabis and Sikh Punjabis would be forces to kill each other in the 1940s. Nowadays Punjabi is a dying language thanks to Urdu speaking migrants from Bihar and UP as well as ingrained inferiority of the Punjabi language amongst Punjabi village dwellers. Islamism had replaced the cultural identity of Punjabiyat amongst what is the majority of Pakistan.
- We see various reactions
- Akainu says Joyboy was a pirate, the world may have been flooded but it was necessary to eliminate an evil being like him
- Scene switch to Ryokugyu who captured Boa Hancock, he says the Celestial Dragons created this world, the world belongs to them, if Joyboy would be in charge of the world he would say the same thing about him too as a mercenary, it's how the world works
- Fujitora is discussing these with Smoker
- Vegapunk concluded he studied a robot that was created 900 years ago, he came to conclusion that the ancient seapon Uranus hides somewhere at the top of the red line in the holyland, the government gained means to fuel that weapon recently
- We see a scene of Joyboy with a spear vs the 5 elders, they wore crowns in the past, he was the one who scarred Saturn
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