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- Title: "History shall repeat"
- We see flashbacks from Gorosei viewpoints during their battle in the void century
- Imu, Warcury and Saturn are shown fighting Joyboy, a Lunarian and the Giant Robot. Saturn got scarred by Joyboy permanently and was defeated by him.
- Venus is shown facing Ryuma. Apparently Ryuma was born during the void century but got lost in time with other comrades when they escaped with Toki's ability
- Mars and Jupeter are facing a Merman and what is assumed to be someone from the Mink tribe (looks like a Lion)
- Warcury and Jupeter had crowns, Mars had a golden cap, Saturn the same hat as now, Venus looks the same
- Other kings were the direct ancestors of the current holy knights shaded out, all of them with crowns
- Zunisha is shown in the background, she looks smaller than the current timeline
- Saturn remembers two other names from Marshal D Crohech and Trafalgar D Ion
- Zoro stops Venus slash from reaching the ship, Venus says Vegapunk is right, the battle of the void ventury is not over yet Ryuma
- Mars continues saying they have to obtain the ancient weapons and restart a new world, it's not possible to maintain the order anymore
- Sarurn takes the mother flame contenr and asks Imu to summon him in the holyland, they have to prepare Uranus
- Saturn says he will summon back the other elders omce the weapon is ready to be fired, it will take 10 minutes to prepare it, in the meantime relocate the mother flame tank
1116: The Shackle of the World
- Vegapunk keeps talking, making a theory about the rising sea level during the Void Century
- He theorizes it was caused by the certain appearance of a giant land mass, which is now known as the Red Line
- he calls it the shackle of the world, that trapped all humans on the world on small islands
- during this we see the reactions of Blackbeard, Shanks and Rayleigh, all three are not surprised and seem to already know everything Vegapunk is saying
- meanwhile Zoro and Jinbe arrive at the Sunny and everyone get's on the Sunny and they jump down with Coup de burst
- the Sunny lands close to the giants ship
- chapter ends with Vegapunk saying he will end his message with the reveal of the name of the Ancient Kingdom
- Title of the chapter is "Opression"
- Vegapunk says the government tried by all means to hide the fact that the world is in a long drawn out post appocalyptic age
- Gorosei use a new form of conqueror called "opression", together they fuse their haki caging the entire island in a barrier
- A haki bolt destroyed the giants ship, a giant flinged the sunny outside the barrier before it hit the ship
- Zoro steps up and blocks the barrier drom closing the island he tells others to hurry, Jinbei is shocked he can block that unearthly amount of haki
- Dorry and Brogy use Hakoku and create a temporary opening, they made it out of the island but they still aren't safe, Warcury and Jupeter are walking on the water surface in their human form
- Unfortunately the giants don't fit in the sunny, they have no way of escaping, Dorry and Brogy use hakoku again and enter inside the barrier, they are going to remain with their comrades
- The Ancient Giant Robot starts glowing up with haki
- Break issue