Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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The only one who can beat me is me
? How was Sengoku potrayed? Taking on the whole BB. I don't see anything bad. Garp punched Marco and couldn't KO him. Like he couldn't KO Shiryu or Pizzario
Punching Marco and leaving visible damage for the first time ever in his phoenix state, where even Kizaru failed >>>> Going full zoan and failing to seriously damage or even stop preskip Luffy from saving Ace given a free shot, when Kizaru destroyed Luffy with a casual beam+kick earlier.
Garp had an excuse. And Kizaru/Kuzan looked tenfold better than Sengoku still.

Sengoku has no excuses. And also a lot of this is portrayal. WB himself is old and stabbed yet look at how he was portrayed. Garp's portrayal was shielded.
Sengoku didn’t try hard bro
WB’s portrayal was crazy in MF but I don’t know how that diminishes Sengoku’s. We can conclude a lot of things in MF based on what we fixate on but none of them tell the whole story. Garp alsp said he could have killed Akainu and told Sengoku to keep him in check. Sengoku was spanking the BBP and Garp sat there looking pretty. Both weren’t trying real hard for some reason, Garp had no excuses there. He has no excuse on why he won’t blitz Blackbeard when their base is getting destroyed.