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Hello, everyone!

It's been a while since I've talked about who's going to be joining the Straw Hats, and with the raid against Kaido now in full swing, now seems like a good time to discuss a topic that's been gaining (or regaining) some traction as of late: Momonosuke's recruitment. I've touched on this a few times in the past, but there always seemed to be more important things to discuss, so I never got a chance to go into as much detail as I wanted. This obviously isn't going to be nearly as long as my Monet theory, but there are a decent number of reasons to suspect that Momo will be sailing with the crew for likely the remainder of the story.

Given Oda's penchant for parallels, hints for Momo's recruitment can be traced to at least two other characters. The first and most obvious is that his father Oden sailed with Roger all the way to Laugh Tale. If Luffy is the new Roger, then it really doesn't take much stretching of the imagination to see that Momo is the new Oden, so it would only make sense for him to follow in his father's footsteps and sail to Laugh Tale. The second would be the previous royal that joined the Straw Hats, Vivi. Just like Momo, she was met in the care of one of her retainers (Igaram/Kinemon) while plotting to defeat the pirate that had infiltrated her kingdom (Crocodile/Kaido), only to ask for Luffy's help and coming aboard his ship for the next few arcs. The end of Wano may very well have a moment where it seems like history will repeat with the accompanying royal staying behind to rule, but this time events will diverge with the royal deciding to stay and see the adventure through.

Quite simply, Momonosuke is not currently fit to lead Wano. Though he has shown significant growth through the Wano Arc and was instrumental in inspiring the loyalty of the prisoners of Udon, he is still a child with much to learn. As pointed out by Mr. Morj in his recent video on the subject of Momo's recruitment, in much the same way that Luffy learned valuable lessons in leadership from his time with Vivi, Momo is now learning similar lessons from Luffy. For Momo to become a man who can live up to his father's legacy, he can't be sheltered and pampered; he needs to be exposed to people who can mold him into a well-rounded and strong-willed individual.

Beyond Luffy, Momo has a lot that he can learn from several members of the crew. To become as physically strong and skilled as Oden, there is no better teacher for Momo than Zoro. Of course, Momo does have one thing that Oden never did: a Devil Fruit. The fact that he specifically has a Zoan Fruit opens the door for him to spend time with Chopper, who can not only teach him the basics of Zoan transformation, but may also lead to another character utilizing the Rumble Ball.

The single most important Straw Hat for Momo to spend time with though would have to be Robin. I'd never thought of it on my own, but my friend Nessos once pointed out that Robin could teach Momo the language of the Poneglyphs. I don't necessarily think that it's too important for the language itself to be revived or anything like that, but I think it will be important for Momo's development to have that connection with both his culture and his father. Not only will this allow for character moments for both Momo and Robin, who would be getting to share something extremely personal to her with someone else for the first time in decades, I think it may also give Robin some kind of new insight into the meaning behind at least one of the Poneglyphs. Given that the Poneglyphs were written by the Kozuki clan, there may be some cultural disconnect in how Robin would translate a Poneglyph and how Oden or anyone else from Wano would, like perhaps a word with a double meaning or metaphorical connotation that wouldn't be clear to anyone outside of Wano. This insight may end up being a vital clue to either finding the One Piece or to understanding the true history as written on the Rio Poneglyph.

Speaking of the Kozuki clan, they clearly have some major tie with the Void Century that also ties them to Zunesha and the Minks of Zou. I can't imagine we would get those revelations without a Kozuki present to truly understand the weight of what we learn, especially since Momo seems to be the only one who can communicate with Zunesha. I suppose if Zoro turns out to be related to the Shimotsuki branch family he could fulfill that role, but Zoro himself doesn't seem to have much emotional connection or reverence for Wano, so I don't think it would be appropriate for him to be the only representative of Wano when we learn more about its role in the world.

Whatever Wano's role in the past though, in the future we know it's going to need to be reintegrated into the world at large once its borders have been opened. Though someone will need to govern in the meantime, Momo will likely be the first official shogun of the newly opened Wano. To me, it would seem to make sense that Momo gain an understanding of the peoples and cultures he will be interacting with before he takes the throne.

Like I said though, even if leaving Wano will make Momo a better ruler in the long run, someone will need to act as shogun in the meantime. Fortunately, we have two prime candidates already: Momo's sister Hiyori and Kaido's son Yamato. Considering that Denjiro has been looking over and raising Hiyori for the last thirteen years or so and he's been plotting the overthrow of Kaido and Orochi, I imagine he's also been teaching her about politics and leadership in the event that Momo can't lead (such as being a literal child). Yamato, similarly, has been raised by Kaido to follow in his footsteps as a leader, so while he hasn't been particularly receptive to it, he may decide to take the temporary mantle of shogun in Momo's place as a way to become closer to being Oden. Again, as Mr. Morj pointed out in his video on Yamato potentially joining the Straw Hats, Yamato may decide to take the opposite path of Oden, embracing becoming shogun in Wano's time of need rather than abandoning Wano to go to sea. As things stand, Yamato's understanding of what made Oden such a great man seems pretty superficial, but if he can do the things that Oden regretted failing to do, he can become that much closer to being as great as the man he idolizes. That said, I don't really think that Wano would accept Kaido's son after finally being rid of Kaido and Orochi, so rather than choosing between Yamato and Hiyori, I think the two of them will work together to lead Wano until Momo has been raised to be a strong leader.

Of course, it might help the people of Wano to know that their leader is leaving for better reasons than wanting to go on adventures like Oden did. While going on a journey of self discovery and developmental growth sounds fine on paper, I think the Wano government would have a hard time selling that to the people who have waited for twenty years for the rightful heir to return. Fortunately, Oda has again given us two potential outs for this scenario: the people of Wano themselves and Momo's Devil Fruit. As I mentioned in my Monet theory, Dr. Vegapunk has been built up so much and had influence on pretty much every arc in the New World and even the last few Paradise arcs that his appearance is most likely going to be immediately after Wano. To that end, we'll probably need some motivation for heading his way, and Momo and Wano both provide perfect excuses: for one, Momo's artificial Devil Fruit was ostensibly deemed a failure by it's creator, Vegapunk, so whatever makes it a failure will likely show itself by the end of Wano, which will necessitate that the group seek out Vegapunk to fix it; secondly, so many innocent people in Wano have been turned into Pleasures by Caesar Clown's defective SMILEs that Momo will most likely want to find a cure for them, definitely insisting that he be the one to seek out Vegapunk and take responsibility for his people, as that is what a true leader would do. In the former case, the people of Wano would of course be willing to let their future leader go for his health; he can't rule if he's dead after all. In the latter case, Momo's decision to take his people's safety into his own hands would undoubtedly reinforce their belief in him as their future leader, making them not only accepting of him leaving, but encouraging of it. This would also create a strong contrast with his father's narrative arc: Oden left Wano because he hated being trapped there, Momo will leave Wano because of how much he loves his people.

Now, beyond why Momo would join the crew, the most prevalent discussion around Momo's recruitment seems to be what role he would fulfill. While I definitely have a few ideas, to be frank, I'm not entirely sure that matters. Oden was a member of both Whitebeard and Roger's crews, but aside from translating the Poneglyphs for Roger, he didn't seem to have an official title or designation on either ship, and since the Straw Hats already have Robin, I don't think that Momo will be 1:1 in paralleling his father's adventures with Roger. More in line with our current situation, though, is Vivi's role on the ship. Sure, she showed skills in diplomacy and could have been the crew's negotiator had she joined, but she most certainly did not have an official role as a Straw Hat. This is further reflected in the fact that Oda considers her Straw Hat #5.5; she is considered to be an honorary member, but strictly speaking she's more like an allied leader. Given that Luffy has officially declared his relationship with Momo as an alliance, I think that Momo will be much the same, being Straw Hat #10.5 following Jinbe as #10, especially since he won't plan to sail with the group forever, just until he's able to return home with enough skills and knowledge to lead.

Like I said, though, Momo does have roles that he can potentially fill. The most common suggestion for Momo is definitely cabin boy, which I think most people say more as a holdover from before we knew he was royalty and people just threw around because he was young and unskilled. I think most people conceptualize cabin boys as janitors at best and slaves at worst, but really they're meant to pick up the slack where anyone else on the crew needs help. They can take over between shifts for roles that tend to be on rotation like the lookout or helmsman, help the chef prepare dishes or do cleaning, climb the rigging to trim the sails (which can be made easier by his ability to fly), and running errands for the captain. While everyone in the crew is pretty much an expert in their field, having Momo as the cabin boy actually does work really well for his purpose in traveling with the crew: it not only serves to humble the once haughty Momo, it also allows him to directly interact with everyone on the crew and learn as many different skills and worldviews as possible in as short a time as possible. Momo could also be called an apprentice, the same way that Shanks and Buggy were on Roger's crew, but the interaction with the crew would probably be the same, so it doesn't really matter which term we use. I imagine Oda may use apprentice just because it sounds a bit more dignified.

Personally, though, I kind of prefer the lesser discussed possibility for Momo: the chronicler.

Much like Oden kept a log that one day inspired Yamato, I believe that Momo will keep his own log, likely chronicling both what he sees on whatever adventures await him and on the lessons he learns from each of the Straw Hats. Of course, as Mr. Morj said (I promise this is the last time I'll mention him), it does seem a bit silly to introduce a chronicler this late in the story when they will only be around for the final stretch. I however think that this is possibly the most important time to make sure that someone is keeping track of everything. Momo's role as chronicler won't be just to repeat history twenty or forty years in the making, it'll be to uphold an 800 year legacy. Like his Kozuki clan ancestors in the Void Century, I believe that Momo will be the key to preserving the true history as it unfolds now at a time when the World Government faces its biggest threat and attempts to hide the truth more fervently than ever before. I'm not saying that he'll write the Straw Hat's journey to Laugh Tale on a Poneglyph necessarily, just that I think no one else will necessarily think to write it down for posterity, even if they do overthrow the World Government and don't need to worry about that sort of censorship anymore.

Really though, I think it's more likely that he'll have the apprentice role, I just don't think that precludes the possibility of him keeping a journal in his spare time. Plus, I'm honestly just in love with the idea of the Straw Hats having a Rashomon-style retelling of their adventures showing their biases, like Luffy oversimplifying everything to just the action scenes or Zoro sleeping through most of it or Usopp making himself out to be the hero. I've been fantasizing about a breather chapter like that since Bartolomeo first revealed he was a Straw Hat fanboy, and by god I'm going to hold out hope for it as long as I can.
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There is one other parallel that Oden may have set up for Momo that I don't believe I've ever seen anyone mention that I think may be worth talking about: Lady Toki.

Wait, is that why one user thought I was a woman? Because Toki is a feminine name?

Even if she didn't accompany Oden all the way to Laugh Tale, she was aboard Roger's ship for a fair amount of time, so I do think it would be appropriate for Momo to have a companion join him. As it happens, Momo has spent a good chunk of the Wano Arc making friends with a girl who could potentially become his seishitsu (the shogun's highest ranked wife): Tama. They've spent time together during his training...

...she feels familiar enough with him that she doesn't use honorifics, which Momo himself is surprisingly accepting of...

...and she even swore to protect him during the breakout at Udon Prison.

Remember how I said earlier that Momo would be Straw Hat #10.5 rather than #11? The reason that holds significance aside from reflecting Momo's status as more of an allied leader is that he won't interfere with other commonly accepted patterns or pieces of foreshadowing. The two currently prevailing theories pertaining to the final number of Straw Hats are the Straw Hat 13 Pattern (crew in Japanese is ichimi -> ichi can be read as 1, mi as 3 -> Straw Hat Crew=Straw Hat 13) which I went into greater detail on in my theory reinterpreting the longstanding and related MFMM Theory, and Luffy's statement in chapter 1 that he wants to recruit at least ten people to his crew.

There's been a lot of debate over the years about whether Luffy included himself in his crew of 10 or not, but recently Oda confirmed in the One Piece Magazine that he did not, meaning that there should be at least one after Jinbe anyway. It's no secret that I'm in the Straw Hat 13 camp myself since that would mean we can still get three more after Jinbe, but regardless, I am confident that Momo is not going to count towards the total, freeing up a space for at least Tama (though I am confident that others will join as well, as you all surely know).

That said, if Tama is meant to parallel Toki and is set up to be Momo's wife, then I suppose it stands to reason that she would leave the crew at the same time as Momo, which would make her just as temporary and honorary of a member as Momo and putting her at something like #10.75 rather than #11. However, I don't think that's necessarily fair to say, as my argument isn't that Tama will join as Momo's future wife, just as his companion similar to how Toki was to Oden. Whether Momo and Tama get married is up for debate and a moot point. Even if they do become romantically involved when they get older, there's always the possibility that Tama will choose to stay with the Straw Hats after Momo's departure, similar to how Oden stayed with Roger after returning Toki to Wano when she fell ill, or even like Izou staying with Whitebeard after Oden transferred to Roger's crew.

Of course, Toki is not the only reason I believe that Tama is a strong candidate. In fact, I only recently realized that she may parallel with Toki, and instead I've been theorizing that Tama is a viable candidate since we were first introduced to her, and even included her in my analysis of potential female recruits, concluding that she fit quite a number of patterns in her own right. Probably the strongest and most important patterns that she fits though are her wearing the straw hat, just as Nami and Robin did at one point...

...and Luffy directly referred to her as a good person, a sentiment he has expressed in one form or another about pretty much everyone on his crew.

While neither of these are hard and fast confirmations, as at least one other definitely-not-going-to-be-a-Straw-Hat individual has worn the straw hat, and Luffy has referred to many people as good people (i.e. Rebecca, Bellamy, Law, etc.) without them joining, they are still interesting commonalities, and Tama is the only one that fits both as Nami and Robin do.

Beyond that, she also not only has an established dream to become an "enchanting kunoichi," similar to Usopp's dream of becoming a brave warrior of the sea but a bit more specific...

...she also has her unfulfilled promise with Ace that he would take her out to sea upon fulfilling said dream.

Since Luffy is meant to be the inheritor of Ace's will, it really wouldn't be surprising to anyone if he were to be the one to fulfill his promise with Tama. This has even been demonstrated with Luffy echoing another promise that Ace had made to Tama that he would make Wano a place where no one goes hungry.

One of the common counterarguments against Tama, though, is that she hasn't fulfilled her end of the bargain with Ace yet; she isn't an enchanting kunoichi, so she can't be taken out to sea. However, to me it would seem cruel to simply transfer the promise wholesale and make Tama wait even longer. Naturally, Luffy would be absolutely sure he would come back, and we can say pretty definitively that he would because Oda wouldn't hurt us like that (I'd hope), but to leave Tama hanging in exactly the same way with no guarantee that her promise will ever be fulfilled? That doesn't sit right with me. Instead, I think Luffy would reverse the promise: Luffy will take Tama out to sea, but she has to promise to fulfill her dream of becoming an enchanting kunoichi along the way.

This does lead into another fairly common counterargument, though: no one on the ship knows ninjutsu, and thus no one can teach her to become a kunoichi. While it is true that there isn't a ninja on board, the Straw Hats do have a member who has proven herself to be perfectly capable in the clandestine arts: Robin. Not only does Robin specialize in assassination from her time with Baroque Works, she also demonstrated in Wano that she is exceptional at reconnaissance, being able to infiltrate Orochi's castle and learn crucial strategic information about his forces and schedule.

Of course, Robin doesn't have skills in kunoichi weaponry or jutsu, but I imagine that Tama at least has the basics down for those, so we won't worry too much about that. The bigger issue, though, is that since Robin already has all of the skills that a kunoichi could bring to the table, recon and stealth attacks, not to mention Sanji's new Stealth Black invisibility, there doesn't seem to be too much point in having Tama fill the role of spy.

But I didn't say she had to.

See, while Tama hasn't really shown off her skills in ninjutsu up to this point at all, we have seen her other key ability in play plenty of times: her animal-taming Devil Fruit ability. Thus far it's mainly been used to recruit enemy SMILE users, since they are part animal, but since it has also been used on both wild animals and enemy pets, it's not too hard to see the applications it could have.

Even if she isn't officially a spy, she could use local wildlife as scouts to scope out new islands or enemy vessels and territories. Having particularly strong animal companions could also offset her physical weakness in combat, though she would still likely be in the lower tier of the Straw Hat crew's fighting forces. While it likely won't come up too often, undersea travel would also be greatly aided by having a pet, and sea monsters do have a tendency to accost the Thousand Sunny from time to time, so having a quick way to turn Big Savage class creatures into Big Friendlies (yes, these are real terms in extended One Piece lore) would definitely be beneficial.

To that end, while Tama would also be the crew's apprentice spy, I would refer to her official role as beast master, the one who is responsible not only for taming enemy creatures, but also for caring for current pets. As near as I can find there's no equivalent to that role in real sailing, but having Tama fill such a role would have saved a lot of time when the crew was fighting Surume the kraken trying to make him their pet, and having her on board would prove helpful in caring for him if he ever comes back to officially take on the role. Of course, even if he doesn't come back, I am 100% certain that Laboon is going to be brought on as the crew's official pet closer to the end of the story when everyone's dreams are being fulfilled one by one, so that would at least give Tama a permanent pet to care for.

There's also her less focused on skill in hat-weaving, which doesn't seem like it would contribute all that much, but it feels like such an odd detail to include considering that the main symbol of the entire franchise is a straw hat. It's been a long time since I've seen anyone mention it, but there used to be a theory that Luffy's straw hat would suffer a severe amount of damage, more than Nami would be able to repair as she has done in the past. This transitioned into the theory that a tailor would join the crew, bringing the skill necessary to repair the hat without outright replacing it. I'm not saying that Tama is going to be the crew's tailor or that anything is going to happen to the straw hat, but it is worth noting that it's a skill she possesses.

But for as popular of a choice as Tama was close to her introduction, and for as much she has going for her in terms of skill or potential or narrative fit, she has almost completely fallen out of the recruitment discussion for one simple reason: she hasn't done anything in a long time. The last major contribution she made was taming Babanuki so they could fool Queen into thinking that the Udon Prison riot had been quelled. While that has proven vital, since then Tama has faded into the background. But honestly, isn't that what a kunoichi should do? While we know that Tama is only a kunoichi-in-training, we have no idea how skilled she actually is at stealth, so while she certainly isn't a pro, there's no reason to assume that she isn't good at hiding or infiltration. After all, there was a shadowy figure following the crew when they first arrived at Onigashima who's identity still hasn't been confirmed.

Who's to say that Tama didn't sneak aboard the Sunny and hasn't been looking for ways to help? Maybe she hasn't found anything she can really do to contribute yet, but she could very well be revealed any time and start throwing kibi dango into every SMILE user's mouth she can get a clean shot on. I for one would love to see her hand a bundle to Usopp and have him snipe them down enemy throats rapid fire.

Oda's had a lot of things to focus on right now between the crew reuniting, the Red Scabbards approaching their final stand and facing off against the traitorous Kanjuro, introducing the Flying Six and Yamato, explaining the alliance between Big Mom and Kaido, and giving Momo some much needed development. There have been so many irons in the fire that it's perfectly excusable that Tama or even other popular candidates like Carrot wouldn't get that much focus at the moment. Like Roger said though, they'll get their time to shine, we just need to be patient.

As Luffy is a clear parallel to Roger, it would only make sense for Momonosuke to join his crew as a parallel to Oden joining Roger's. Momo joining would also make him a parallel to Vivi, being the royal that joins the Straw Hats as an honorary member leading up to or following the overthrow of a pirate that is taking over/has taken over their country. Furthermore, the Kozuki clan is clearly extremely relevant to the history of the One Piece world given that they are the ones who created the Poneglyphs and are somehow related to whatever caused Zunesha to wander the seas for the past millenia, so it would be odd if Momo was not present to appreciate the revelations we learn about his clan.

Though Momo is going to be shogun of Wano someday, he most certainly is not ready to take on that mantle. Traveling with the Straw Hats as their apprentice would prepare him for that in several ways, such as learning leadership from Luffy, swordsmanship from Zoro, control of his Devil Fruit from Chopper, and the Poneglyph language from Robin. That interaction with Robin could also prove vital in understanding some previously unknown secret of the Poneglyphs that may need a Wano native's cultural background. In addition to being an apprentice, Momo may act as a cabin boy, picking up the slack wherever any other members need help, or he may further parallel his father and his ancestors by acting as chronicler to preserve the Straw Hats' adventures in the face of the World Government's censorship.

Beyond developing Momo's character, he will likely be put into a position where he is forced to leave Wano from a narrative perspective, such as seeking out Vegapunk to either overcome the as of yet unseen defects of his artificial Devil Fruit or to take responsibility for those in his country that have become Pleasures due to being fed the SMILEs. Either one or both would certainly be acceptable in the eyes of the people of Wano, and either Hiyori, Yamato, or both could rule over Wano in Momo's absence given that they were both likely raised to be leaders.

To parallel Toki accompanying Oden aboard Roger's ship, Tama may also accompany Momo. Tama already fits a number of patterns set by Nami and Robin for female recruitment, with her most salient being wearing the straw hat and Luffy calling her a good person. As Luffy is the inheritor of Ace's will, promising Tama to ensure Wano will be a place she can always eat her fill, he will likely be the one to fulfill Ace's other promise to take Tama out to sea. While a member of the crew, Tama would work towards her dream of becoming an enchanting kunoichi as she promised Ace, possibly being taught skills in reconnaissance and assassination by Robin while also acting as the crew's beast master, recruiting animals for various tasks such as scouting while also caring for any pets that the crew decides to keep, such as Surume the kraken or Laboon. Her skills in hat-weaving may also prove helpful if the Straw Hat is ever damaged again, though this is hopefully a more minor point. The main argument against Tama is that she hasn't contributed to the plot much as of late, but there is still time left in the Wano Arc and a currently unidentified shadow was seen tailing the crew when they arrived at Onigashima, so it is possible that she could reveal herself to be present at any time.

Some people may take this theory to mean that I have shifted my views from those that I have previously established, but this is only somewhat the case. I still very strongly believe that Carrot is going to join the crew, as in my mind she fits established patterns better than anyone else and feels the most right at the moment, and my feelings on Monet have been well documented. The only candidate who my faith has been at all shaken in is Pudding, particularly because the Big Mom Pirates' appearance at Onigashima has been greatly impacted by Marco's interference. I am still staunch in my belief that there will be three more female recruits, I just currently lean more towards Tama as my third than Pudding. I'll likely be satisfied with whatever Oda decides to do with his story so long as he continues to tell it so brilliantly, but it is undeniable that as the story has been told so far, Momo and Tama are some of the strongest candidates available.

Until next time,

-Tokiro Oumaga
Already read the first part. Nice theory you got there. I'm also believe it will be a kozuki who join the crew but that does not close the possibility for yamato

It will be one of kozuki will be shogun and rebuild wano, while the other kozuki will join the crew to see how is the current condition of the world because kozuki ancestor was bound to the world. If one of kozuki join SHs, they might learn phoneglyph and how to read it from robin and probably will learn how to carve stone like some of birdfolk did (shandian or probably birkan/king race too) if we have an arc with one of them. It seems like they knew some stuff about stone, cloud, or metal

But I think it will be momo who will become shogun because he already get to see luffy leadership style and he saw the loyalty of udon prisoner. Meanwhile hiyori directly acknowledge the suffering of the ebisu folks that will probably make her want to join the crew to seek the SMILE cure
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Well if joining the crew I don't mind that. She's kinda cute and good with animals. She can be kunoichi and summo... I mean tame some animals
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But I think it will be momo who will become shogun because he already get to see luffy leadership style and he saw the loyalty of udon prisoner. Meanwhile hiyori directly acknowledge the suffering of the ebisu folks that will probably make her want to join the crew to seek the SMILE cure
I suppose that's fair. Hiyori is much more familiar with the suffering of her people, which would be a strong motivator for her continued involvement in the story. However, Momo has been an established member of the cast for much longer, so it would make more sense for him to be the one to remain with the group. Also, Hiyori's Komurasaki persona is already a celebrated member of Wano society, so if the people learn that she's not only alive but also a rightful heir to the throne, I think that would make accepting her as temporary leader that much more palatable, even for people who are currently indoctrinated with anti-Kozuki sentiments.
I suppose that's fair. Hiyori is much more familiar with the suffering of her people, which would be a strong motivator
Without motivator, they manage to surivived for years. It does not necessary to motivate them all the time. Hiyori can tell them a promise that she will bring the cure

Also, Hiyori's Komurasaki persona is already a celebrated member of Wano society, so if the people learn that she's not only alive but also a rightful heir to the throne, I think that would make accepting her as temporary leader that much more palatable, even for people who are currently indoctrinated with anti-Kozuki sentiments.
This temporary moment can be happening at the moment until war is over
Without motivator, they manage to surivived for years. It does not necessary to motivate them all the time. Hiyori can tell them a promise that she will bring the cure
I think you kind of took my statement out of context. I wasn't saying that Hiyori would motivate the people, I was saying the people would motivate Hiyori to join the crew.

This temporary moment can be happening at the moment until war is over
I would love to learn that Hiyori has been brewing some level of insurrection on the mainland during the events of Onigashima or at least plotting something, cus I would be a bit sad if she was just passively waiting for things to happen.
I think you kind of took my statement out of context. I wasn't saying that Hiyori would motivate the people, I was saying the people would motivate Hiyori to join the crew.

I would love to learn that Hiyori has been brewing some level of insurrection on the mainland during the events of Onigashima or at least plotting something, cus I would be a bit sad if she was just passively waiting for things to happen.
Oh. My bad I read that when I'm about to sleep :catblush: